If you’ve recently discovered that your automatic pool cover won’t open or close, then contact Royal Pool & Spa to fix the problem. We can inspect your pool to determine what the problem is. In most cases, the issues preventing your pool from moving are small and can be fixed with relatively little effort. We can perform a quick automatic pool cover repair and get you back in the water. Below are some likely causes of pool covers failing to open or close. Contact us right away if any of these symptoms occur.

The Cover Won’t Open When You Use the Key

The most probable cause for this is that the power source is disconnected from the system. We’ll look at the key switch indicator light to see if turns on. If the light is not green (or designated color), the system is likely probably from its power source. We’ll have to inspect the electrical system to see if the cover is getting power. If the pool cover motor is running, but the cover will not open, the issue is mechanical. We’ll likely have to repair or replace a part to get the cover to open.

The Cover Won’t Open or Close All the Way

It’s likely that the tracks are blocked. There could be several reasons for this:

  • An object may be lodged in the tracks. This is common if you have children that play in or around the pool. Small toys can get lodged in the tracks and keep the cover from moving. It could also be blocked by debris if you have trees or other brush around the pool. We’ll need to clear the tracks.
  • We can lift the lid to see if the ropes are tangles around the reels. This is also a problem if the ropes are not adjusted tightly adjusted.
  • Is there too much water on the cover? The weight of the water could make it difficult for the cover to move. We can install a cover pump to remove water when necessary. A pump is especially useful after rainfall.

The Cover Will Not Close at All

If you can open your automatic pool cover, but cannot seem to close it back, it’s probably off track. We can check the green light indicator or power source to assure the system is connected. If it is, the cover might have been opened too far, and come out of its track. If this is the case, we can realign the cover and get it back on the track. Keep in mind; this should only be performed by a professional pool technician. Covers have to be installed on track according to manufacturer specifications. We can make sure the job is done correctly.

Call Royal Pool & Spa for Your Automatic Pool Cover Repairs

Royal Pool & Spa technicians have the training and experience necessary to repair your automatic pool cover. We specialize in pool repair, installation, and part replacement. Our service extends both home and business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a pool repair, pool cleaning, or other pool maintenance services, call us at 651-779-7606, or you can message us at Rps55155@gmail.com.