When you own an in-ground pool in Minnesota, knowing when to close it is of the utmost importance. Swimming pool closing at the appropriate time helps ensure long-lasting pool performance by preventing freeze-related plumbing and equipment damage. So when’s the best time to close your Twin Cities pool? Let’s take a look at what you need to consider to determine the right time to start winterizing your in-ground pool.


Whether You Use a Pool Heater

Generally, public pools remain open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and for the most part, residential pool owners should follow suit. However, if you use a pool heater, it can extend your pool-use season considerably. Usually, residential pools with heated water can stay open another month or so past the time we’d traditionally recommend swimming pool closing.


Outdoor Temperatures

Even if you’re the polar plunge type, you can’t keep your Minnesota pool open once outdoor temperatures really start to drop. If you do, the water will freeze inside the plumbing system, and when it does, its natural expansion will damage the pipes.


If you use a robotic pool cleaner, it should have instructions regarding the temperature at which it must be removed from the pool. Follow those instructions or the colder temperature of the water will end up damaging your robot.


It’s important to note, though, that the temperature at which you should remove your automatic pool cleaner isn’t necessarily the temperature at which you should start winterizing your pool. Generally, the water temperature can drop a few more degrees — to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit — before you’ll need to plan for swimming pool closing.


If you close up your pool too early, while the water is still quite warm, it’ll have a higher risk of algae proliferation, which will create more work for you in the long run.


Tree Cover on Your Property

We all know autumn is leaf-dropping season, and if you allow a mess of leaves to land in your pool water, it’s a lot of work to get them out. So if your yard has a plethora of deciduous trees, you’ll want to start thinking about swimming pool closing as soon as those leaves start dropping.


If it’s still fairly warm outdoors and you’re not quite ready to stop enjoying your pool, consider using a retractable pool cover instead. Keeping it closed when your pool isn’t in use will help ensure your pool water remains as clean as possible with minimal daily maintenance. 


Schedule Swimming Pool Closing With Royal Pool & Spa

When it’s time to close up your Minnesota pool for the winter, let our team at Royal Pool & Spa help you out! We’ll ensure your pool is properly closed so it’s able to withstand sub-freezing temperatures without suffering damage. Proper pool winterization is imperative to ensure long-lasting performance, so if you’re unsure how to close your pool, calling in the pros is in your best interest. To schedule a pool closing, feel free to give us a call today at 651-779-7606 or contact us online, and we’ll get in touch promptly.