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New Trends in Pool Renovation

Nothing beats relaxing in a cool, refreshing pool with family and friends. Pools should be a source of enjoyment, with endless summer entertainment. If you look at your pool and only see mounting maintenance issues and an outdated look, it might be time for a renovation.

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3 Chemicals You Should Avoid Putting in Your Pool at All Costs

Thinking about doing your own swimming pool maintenance? If you want to keep your pool in good condition, check out which chemicals you must avoid putting in the water at all costs.

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Protect Your Pool From Freezing Temperatures This Winter

Do you own a pool? Here are some tips to keep your pool in excellent condition during the harsh Minnesota winter.

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Winter Swimming Pool Safety Tips You Need to Know

Although you and your family may not be actively using your pool during winter, it can still present a safety hazard. Check out our top tips for keeping your pool area safe throughout the winter season.

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Save Your Sanity with Regular Pool Maintenance Services this Summer

Royal Pool & Spa provides the maintenance services needed to actually enjoy your pool this summer instead of spending time on constant pool upkeep.

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Winter Is Coming: Don’t Make These 4 Pool Closing Mistakes

Closing your pool properly is crucial for preventing wintertime damage. Click to learn about the top pool closing mistakes you’ll want to avoid making.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Identify, Prevent & Remove Pool Stains

Not a fan of swimming in your ugly, stained pool? Click to learn how to identify and eliminate pool stains and prevent them from coming back.

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Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance: 4 Things Every Pool Owner Should Know

When you own a pool, even if you’re on a professional pool maintenance schedule, you should know the basics of caring for it. Click to learn what every pool owner should know to take great care of their pool.

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Dealing With Cloudy Pool Water? 3 Causes and What You Can Do to Fix It

If your pool water always seems to look cloudy, the problem is likely due to one or more common culprits. Click to learn what’s causing your pool water to cloud and what you can do about it.

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How to Take Great Care of Your Pool After a Storm

High winds, heavy rains, and hail can introduce debris to your pool and throw of the chemistry of the water Click to learn how to take care of your pool after a storm moves through town.

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