Liner Replacement

Vinyl liners are seen in various commercial pools because they can add beauty to the pools and set the tone for their guests. Vinyl liner designs can be designed and can replicate intricate tiled looks without having to conduct complete tile installations. Depending if the pool is indoors or outdoors and how old the liner is, usual wear and tear can take a toll on your pool’s vinyl liner, causing it to shift, tear, or fade over time.

Signs you may need your vinyl pool liner repaired or replaced:

  • Liner coming off the track. A pool liner track is located underneath the pool coping and is what locks the vinyl pool liner into place. If your commercial pool liner was poorly installed, or the wrong sized liner was installed, it can easily pop off the track.
  • Leaking pool liner. Vinyl swimming pool liners are designed to withstand large amounts of force, however, sometimes leaks can still occur. If the liner has been punctured, it may be difficult to detect the location. Leaks can also occur if the liner has become separated from various fittings, such as the skimmer, steps, drains, and pool lights.
  • Fading pool liner. Slight fading of your vinyl pool liner is natural, as harsh chemicals and UV light are always in constant contact with the liner. If the pool is in need of an overall vinyl liner replacement, keep in mind newer liners are manufactured to better withstand the elements.

If you notice various signs of a leaking pool liner, the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa will be able to determine the cause of the leak and work on repairing or replacing your liner as needed. If you want to give your guests the experience of a pool with a slick, clean look, having the vinyl pool liner replaced may be the best option for you.

Acid Washing

Acid washing becomes necessary if the pool’s water has turned a dark, murky shade and normally occurs if the pool closing was performed incorrectly the previous season. Acid washing a commercial pool not only cleans pool walls and floor from unhealthy algae and bacteria, but it also removes any built-in stains in the pool from years of use. It will give your pool a fresh appearance and keep your pool looking like new.

Royal Pool & Spa’s acid wash steps:

  • Drain the pool water
  • Mix and spray the acid solution
  • Thoroughly scrub the walls and floor of the pool
  • Rinse the pool of any remaining solution

Keep in mind, if a commercial pool is lined with a vinyl pool liner, an acid wash should not be performed. We offer separate cleaning services for vinyl lined pools. Rely on the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa to handle your commercial pool acid wash. Improperly washing your pool with acid may not only damage the plaster or concrete, but it could lead to unwanted discoloration.