Twin Cities Commercial Pool Repair & Replacement Parts

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Heater Repair or Replacement

Including a heating system into a commercial pool allows users and guests to be able to enjoy the pool, even if the outside temperatures don’t stay warm during the summer. Allow guests to swim at their own convenience and enjoy comfortable swimming by heating your pool with a pool heater. Like with any outdoor pool system, heaters can wear over time. If your pool heater appears to be malfunctioning, you may want to consider a repair or overall replacement.

We have experience repairing and replacing the following pool heaters:

  • Gas pool heater
  • Electric pool heater
  • Heat pump heater
  • Solar pool heater

A pool heater should always be serviced or repaired by a trained, certified technician. Attempting to fix any problems on your own could mean more costly repairs down the road. To avoid possible long-term damages to your pool heater, Royal Pool & Spa offers routine maintenance checks to ensure your pool heater is running smoothly. This service will keep your heater working for years to come.

Pump Repair or Replacement

The pool’s pump is the heart of the pool, pulling water from the skimmer and drains, and pushing it through the filter system to be cleaned. Over time, the complex parts of a pool pump can wear, requiring specialized repairs or an overall pump replacement. Be sure to make routine checks for any signs of pump failure, otherwise you could be looking at a dirty or closed-down pool until the pump can be replaced. Royal Pool & Spa offers daily, weekly, or bi-weekly maintenance and cleaning services, where we can come to your pool and conduct a thorough check on your pool pump system.

Common issues with pool pumps:

  • Pump is leaking
  • Pump is not moving water
  • Pump will not start
  • Pump will not stay primed

The sooner issues with the pool pump are identified, the more quickly the pump can be repaired or replaced. If it seems you are having issues with your pool pump, the problem could be caused by the pump itself or a malfunctioning or broken motor (a part of the pool pump). At Royal Pool & Spa, we have the capabilities to not only conduct pool pump repairs and replacements, but also motor repairs and replacements.

Filter System Repair or Replacement

The filter system in a pool is what keeps the pool water cleaned of any oils, dirt, and other debris. The type of filter system in the pool determines how often it needs to be replaced because certain pool filters last only a specific number of years. If your commercial pool’s filter needs to be repaired, cleaned, or replaced, the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa have the tools and capabilities to conduct thorough maintenance on the filter system quickly and efficiently.

Types of filter systems we repair, clean, and replace:

  • D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) filter. D.E. filters have a complicated design, meaning tears, breaks, and cracks can be more difficult to detect. Our experts can easily diagnose the cause of any issue and work to repair the filter as quickly as possible.
  • Sand filter. Sand inside this filter should be replaced every seven to ten years, because the sand will wear down over time. With hard water pools, the water can calcify the sand, turning it to sandstone.
  • Cartridge filter. These filters will need to be replaced every three to five years, depending on how often it is used. Indoor pools will use the filter system more often than outdoor pools because they are open all year long.

Motor Repair or Replacement

A pool pump cannot work without its attached motor because it’s basically the driving force for the pump. If the motor is not working or is broken, the pump will ultimately be useless, and the pool will be unusable. While pool pump motors typically last anywhere from eight to ten years, its size and how often it is used will ultimately determine when a repair or replacement is necessary.

Signs you may need pool pump motor repair or replacement:

  • The motor will not turn on
  • The motor hums but will not start
  • The motor is cycling (continuously shutting itself off)

Keep in mind, indoor commercial pools will require pool pump motor maintenance more often than outdoor pools because the motor will run all year long. If you notice any signs your motor isn’t working as it should, the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa will come to your home to determine the cause. Attempting to solve the issue yourself could mean more costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Chemical Feeder Repair or Replacement

The amount of certain chemicals in commercial pools are entirely different from residential pools due to specific health and safety codes. Because commercial pools are used more frequently and by more people, the necessary amount of chemicals to keep each pool clean is greater. The benefit of chemical feeders is they make adding harsh chemicals to your pool a more simple and safe process.

Royal Pool & Spa can handle:

  • Floating chlorinator (tablet) repairs and replacements
  • Automatic chlorinator (tablet) repairs and replacements
  • Liquid chlorine feeder repairs and replacements

Many variables can cause a chemical feeder to malfunction or break. Royal Pool & Spa, has the capabilities to not only determine the cause of your malfunctioning chemical feeder, but also conduct any repairs or replacements as needed.

Salt System Installation

Some commercial pools have salt systems instead of traditional chemicals sanitizing their water. The lifespan of a salt system can last anywhere from three to five years, however, other factors can determine how often it should be repaired or replaced. Because salt is more corrosive compared to other pool chemicals, it’s important to have the salt cell professionally inspected regularly.

Possible issues with your salt system:

  • Clogged pump/dirty filter
  • Malfunctioning salt sensor
  • Will not power on

Royal Pool & Spa has the best commercial pool repair services because we have the capabilities to not only determine the cause of a malfunctioning salt system, but also conduct any repairs or replacements as needed.

Complete Replumbs

The entire water-carrying and filtration system is what makes up a swimming pool’s plumbing, and includes the pipes, valves, and fittings. Not all commercial pools are constructed with identical piping, however, the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa have been conducting repairs or complete plumbing replacements on all kinds of piping for nearly 30 years.

Possible issues with the swimming pool plumbing include:

  • Suction side leaks
  • Pressure side leaks
  • Underground leaks

Your commercial swimming pool may even require a complete replumb to align with current health and safety codes. At Royal Pool & Spa, we offer a variety of swimming pool plumbing services—from elaborate pool replumbing to simple leak repairs.

Automation Services

Manage your commercial swimming pool’s features with ease with a swimming pool automation control system. It can help to manage your pool’s pH balance, temperature, and equipment with the touch of a button. Many varieties of pool and spa automation services exist, and the type of automation system your commercial pool requires will ultimately depend on its needs.

Pool and Spa Automation Control System Features and Functions:

  • Heat pump integration
  • Sanitization
  • Chemical balancing
  • pH balancing
  • Cleaning
  • Filtration integration

Overtime certain aspects in the control system’s technology may need to be repaired. If the system’s controller stops working or the electrical clocks/internal timers operate incorrectly or unexpectedly, our experts will be able to diagnose the issue and repair the system quickly. Whether it’s reprogramming the technology, or replacing bad fuses, it’s important to let the Royal Pool & Spa pool technology professionals get the job done.

Auto Cover Services

Installing an automatic cover to any commercial pool is an added safety feature many commercial pool owners are opting for these days, and are a convenient option in pool cover safety. Not only are automatic pool covers an improved safety feature for guests, they can also help conserve water, and can save energy because they trap heat, requiring the pool heater to run less often. However, when something goes wrong with your auto pool cover, we understand you want immediate and reliable service. Royal Pool & Spa will determine the cause of the cover issue and make any necessary repairs or replacements quickly and efficiently.

Common pool cover problems include:

  • The cover won’t move
  • The cover is crooked
  • There is a hole or tear in the cover

Our auto cover services include:

  • Cover repairs. This includes cover rips, misaligned tracks, and other mechanical issues.
  • Cover upgrades. This includes replacing cover motor systems, cover materials, and cover tracks.

Mesh Safety Cover Services

Opting for a mesh safety cover for when the commercial pool is not in use is a great way to protect your pool and the public from unwanted falls. However, after years of use and harsh weather conditions, natural wear and tear can occur. If the pool is outdoors, harsh winters involving large amounts of ice can also greatly damage a mesh pool cover. Ice is naturally heavy, meaning older, more worn-out pool covers are at a greater risk of damage.

Signs of damage to your mesh pool cover:

  • Bent or stretched out cover springs
  • Broken cover anchors that surround the pool
  • Ripped mesh panels
  • Ripped cover straps
  • Small holes from stuck ice during the winter

Damages may be noticed during commercial pool openings or closings, or they can occur in the dead of winter. Whenever you notice extreme damages to your mesh safety cover, contact the experts at At Royal Pool & Spa. We have the tools and capabilities to repair any holes or tear in commercial pool’s mesh cover, no matter the time of year. Our experts will patch any small holes with our specially made patching material, while not compromising the integrity of the mesh cover.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting is becoming a popular feature for commercial pools because lighting systems can not only add beauty to your pool but also increase the safety of your pool after dark. Lighting systems can even be automated to turn on when night falls, which increases the convenience of this important safety feature. Some can even be programmed to turn different colors to provide a fun atmosphere to go along with your pool.

Types of underwater pool lights:

  • Pool LED lights
  • Incandescent and halogen
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Fiber optic lighting

An added bonus with underwater swimming pool lights is they normally don’t require much maintenance or routine care. Of course, as with all lights, the bulbs will need to be replaced once in awhile. Royal Pool & Spa has the tools and capabilities to change the lightbulbs with ease, meaning, we won’t even need to drain the pool.

Other issues with underwater pool lighting could be leaking pool light niches or other power problems. For pools that use light niches, they can begin to leak due to the ground settling/shifting or freezing, which can be a quick, simple for Royal Pool & Spa. Our professional pool experts know the necessary steps to correct your electrical issues in a safe, and timely manner.