Commercial Pool Openings & Closings In The Twin Cities

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Swimming Pool Opening

A spring pool opening normally takes place at the beginning of every swimming season, and reverses some of the steps done during your pool’s closing or winterization. At Royal Pool & Spa, we will follow all necessary commercial pool start-up procedures to ensure your swimming pool opening happens efficiently and effectively.

Our Steps for a Successful Commercial Swimming Pool Opening:

  • Pool cover removal. No matter the type of pool cover, our experts can remove your pool’s cover with ease. We will safely remove any collected debris and other obstructions from the cover’s surface without causing damage to the cover.
  • Remove expansion plugs from skimmers and wall returns. Expansion plugs (freeze plugs) are put in place for pool winterization to protect your pool pipes from freezing, however, they do not serve a purpose during the swimming season and must be removed.
  • Conduct equipment and safety inspections. The beginning of the season is an ideal time for preventative maintenance steps such as cleaning, lubricating, inspecting and replacing components for the pool system equipment. Our experts will check your equipment for any leaks, possible hazardous electrical connections, exposed wires, and more.
  • Reassemble the filter, pump, heater, etc. Correctly reassembled pool equipment can save you time and money when done right the first time. Our experts have experience assembling and maintaining D.E (Diatomaceous Earth), sand, and cartridge pool filter systems, pumps, heaters, chlorinators, and more.
  • Turn on the power to the pump and start the system. After inspecting and assembling your pool pump and filter system, the next step is to ensure the system is running smoothly. It’s important to keep in mind that different pump systems require different pressure ranges. Once the system is started, we will adjust valves and fittings for proper flow.
  • Clean the pool. During the offseason, leaves, dirt, and other debris can find their way into your pool. We will ensure your pool is cleared of debris that could become hazardous for your pool’s users and the pool system.
  • Check and balance water chemistry. Every pool requires specific amounts of chemicals to be added at different stages of the pool opening process. We will check and adjust your pool’s alkalinity levels, calcium chloride levels, pH levels, and more.

Swimming Pool Closing

At Royal Pool & Spa, we will follow all the necessary commercial pool closing procedures and steps to ensure your commercial swimming pool closing is done with care. Our goal is to keep your pool safe from any possible winter damage as well as make your swimming pool opening as seamless as possible the following season.

Our steps for a successful commercial pool closing:

  • Balance the water chemistry. It is recommended that you ensure proper chemical balance prior to your closing appointment. Proper chemical doses are essential for keeping the closed and stagnant pool water clean during the offseason.
  • Clean the pool. It should be as clean as possible to prevent mold and mildew from accumulating.
  • Lower the pool’s water level. While you don’t want a full pool during the offseason, you also don’t want to have your pool completely drained, either. Our experts will determine the necessary water level for your pool based on the type of pool cover you have while making your pool closing appointment.
  • Drain the pumping, filtering, heating, and chlorinating equipment. All of your pool equipment must be drained so it cannot freeze and crack during the cold, winter months.
  • Winterize the pool’s plumbing. Our experts will blow out any remaining water in the plumbing lines. We will also add antifreeze into the plumbing lines to avoid frozen pipes and equipment in the winter.
  • Cover the pool. Your pool cover will be the last step in your swimming pool closing. This step is important to keep any bystanders or other wildlife safe during the time your pool is closed.

The best preparation for a commercial swimming pool process will mean a smoother opening in the spring. Improper winterization can result in the need to drain and clean the pool in the spring, which is a more timely and costly sacrifice.

Spa Opening

If you had your commercial spa professionally winterized last autumn, the opening process should be quick and painless. However, if it was not correctly winterized, you could be looking at a more time-consuming opening process. Royal Pool & Spa will take care of your spa opening this season and will follow all the proper commercial spa opening procedures to ensure it is executed without delay.

Our steps for a successful commercial spa opening:

  • Inspect the equipment. Before truly beginning the opening process, we will want to ensure the winter didn’t cause any damage to the parts and equipment.
  • Replace drain plugs and tighten fittings. The winterization process requires the removal of fittings and plugs to allow for condensation drainage during the offseason. However, these need to be back in place for your spa’s plumbing to work properly.
  • Replace the filter cartridges. If your spa was successfully closed last season, your cartridge should have been cleaned and placed in storage. If necessary, we can re-clean your cartridge before placing it back into the filter well.
  • Fill and sanitize the spa. We will fill your spa then add the necessary dosage of sanitizer to the water.
  • Run, then drain the spa. It is important to let the spa run with the sanitized water for up to two hours to flush the system and clean the pipes, filters, and other parts.
  • Refill the spa, and test the water. Once the spa is full, we will add the necessary chemicals and test the water, so it is properly balanced and sanitized.

Spa Closing

If you plan to close down your commercial spa during the winter, It’s important to follow all of the necessary commercial spa closing procedures to prevent unwanted damages and to have a more seamless opening the following spring. The professionals at Royal Pool & Spa will take care of your seasonal spa closing to ensure the process is completed efficiently.

Our steps for a successful commercial spa closing:

  • Turn off power and drain water. After turning off the power to your system, we will drain all water from the spa. We will also flush the plumbing with specialty cleaner to help avoid the buildup of mold, grime, or heater scale deposits.
  • Remove filters. We will remove any filters inside your filter well and clean them with specialized cleaner. It’s important that when you store your filters for the winter, they are clean.
  • Unscrew fittings. Any fittings on your pump and pipes will need to be loosened to allow for drainage. We do not want any water or condensation trapped inside your equipment when the temperatures drop below freezing.
  • Blow system. Using our specialized air blower, we will blow any remaining water out of your plumbing system and pipes to dry them out. This step protects your pipes from freezing during the winter.
  • Clean spa. We will use a specially-made cleaner created to clean the walls and floor of the spa.
  • Remove remaining water, and secure cover. Any remaining water from the cleaning step will need to be removed, and the spa dried. The final step is to replace the cover and secure it to the spa for the winter.

Cartridge Cleaning

Cartridge filters have an advantage over other types of pool filters due to their ease of maintenance. This type of filter requires a cleaning two to four times each year, however the more often it is cleaned, the longer its life will be. It will also need to be cleaned more often, depending on how often the pool is used.

Cleaning a cartridge filter can be a time-consuming process. The experts at Royal Pool & Spa will take the time to clean your pool cartridge filter properly to ensure no future issues arise.

Our experts will conduct a thorough cleaning or can replace your cartridge filter if this is a routine cartridge cleaning. However, if this is an end-of-the-season cleaning project, you will want to store your pool cartridge filter in a dry and enclosed space for the winter.

Pool Inspections

To ensure your commercial swimming pool meets all health and safety regulations, it’s important to conduct an official swimming pool inspection. And unless you are a pool expert yourself, you will want to have the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa conduct a commercial swimming pool inspection because we have the experience you can rely on.

Our pool inspection services include:

  • A visual inspection. This includes the area around the pool and the pool itself. We will look for warning signs for potential hazards, such as surface cracks. We’ll also verify if all railings, ladders, and/or diving boards are built to standard and are securely fastened. If the pool contains water, we will test for proper chemical balance, such as chlorine, calcium, pH, and alkalinity.
  • A pool equipment inspection. A thorough inspection also includes the equipment. We will run the systems to see if they run properly and inspect individual equipment pieces for potential issues, such as breaks, leaks, cracks, and more. We will also conduct a pressure test on the pool’s plumbing to ensure no leaks are present.

Following our inspection, our professionals will provide you with a complete report of what we inspected including any necessities to get the pool up and running, including needed repairs and updates.

Salt Cell Cleaning

If your commercial pool contains a salt generator system, it will require routine and end-of-the-season maintenance and cleaning. A pool’s salt cell requires maintenance to ensure it stays performing optimally. Every 500 hours, an “inspect cell” light will come on, indicating it’s time for a cleaning. This is not the same as a “check engine” light in a vehicle. It doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the salt cell, just that it’s time to be cleaned. If your salt cell does not contain a self-cleaning feature, the experts at Royal Pool & Spa can perform a basic pool salt cell cleaning.

New Pool Instructions

Royal Pool & Spa offers hands-on instructions for newly-installed commercial pools to ensure you know the ins and outs of taking care of a regularly-used swimming pool. Turn to the experts at Royal Pool & Spa to teach you the fundamentals of maintaining a commercial swimming pool. Rest assured we will go into great detail so nothing is missed.

Pool care basics:

  • Pool circulation. The pool pump and filter clean the water for the swimming pool. Good water circulation means the pool will likely to have fewer hygiene issues such as algae and dirty water.
  • Pool cleaning. If you are conducting your commercial cleanings internally, it’s important to know how to properly clean the pool to keep algae, stains, and cloudy water from appearing. Cleaning includes vacuuming, skimming, and brushing.
  • Water chemistry. A pool’s chemistry can seem confusing because it involves keeping multiple pool chemicals constantly balanced. However, once you understand the proper pH, alkalinity and chlorine readings, they can be added into the pool. We will also teach you what each chemical does and how it affects the water and pool users.

Our professionals will be sure to teach you every detail for commercial swimming pool care, so you can keep your pool safely maintained. However, pool care and upkeep can be a time-consuming job. Royal Pool & Spa offers daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance for commercial swimming pools all season long. Learn more about our routine maintenance services today.