Residential Pool Renovations

Is it time for a pool upgrade? Whether your pool is in need of repair or if its equipment and appearance are simply outdated, Royal Pool & Spa’s swimming pool renovation services will get your pool looking and functioning like new. Our quality workmanship will ensure your swimming pool renovation project or other pool repairs are executed without delay. Rest assured, we will take care of you and your pool during every stage of the renovation process.

Our swimming pool renovation options

  • Liner replacement. Many residential swimming pools are lined with vinyl pool liners, which can give their pools anything from a solid, seamless look to an intricate, tiled look. Over time, however, vinyl pool liners will naturally lose their elasticity due to age, or they can start to separate from the pool wall. Leave it to the professionals to fix your vinyl liner issues, whether it requires a simple repair or a complete replacement.
  • Acid washing. If your pool is looking dirty and dingy, our team can perform a special acid wash to get it looking like new. Dealing with harsh chemicals requires special equipment to ensure our team’s safety, which is why you should not try to perform acid washes on your own. Also, keep in mind, acid washing cannot be performed on vinyl-lined pools.

Call On Our Renovation Services

Since 1988, Royal Pool & Spa has been performing quality swimming pool renovation services for Minnesota’s residential pool owners. When you work with us, know our experience is second-to-none, as all of our pool experts have over ten years of experience before joining our team.

Our service vans are fully loaded with all the necessary parts and equipment for any project. We will get any job done on site, so you don’t have to worry if any unexpected repairs or replacements arise.

Call on Royal Pool & Spa at 651-779-7606 to speak with an experienced technician and receive a free estimate for any of our swimming pool renovation services.