Pool & Spa Automation

A swimming pool automation control system allows pool owners to complete a variety of tasks with ease. You have the ability to manage your pool’s pH balance, temperature, and equipment with the touch of a button. Many varieties in pool and spa automation services exist, and the type of automation system you need will ultimately depend on your personal preferences.

Did you go out of town and forget to turn off your pool heater? Mobile-friendly swimming pool automation systems are becoming more popular for residential pool owners because you can complete a variety of tasks from virtually anywhere. All of your pool’s intricate workings can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet using your swimming pool automation control system’s specialized app. While some systems easily allow you to turn your equipment on and off (i.e. the pump or heater) others allow you to control the equipment speeds and modes. Our professionals can assist you with determining which one is right for you.

Pool and Spa Automation Control System Features and Functions:

  • Heat pump integration
  • Sanitization
  • Chemical balancing
  • pH balancing
  • Cleaning
  • Filtration integration

Benefits of a pool automation control system:

  • Easy installation. Our professionals have been installing pool automation control systems for years and can tackle any project.
  • Easy to manage. Most pool automation control systems offer a simple, easy-to-control displays that you can manage from almost anywhere.
  • Convenience factor. Pool and spa systems ultimately eliminate having to memorize operating equipment sequences, opening and closing valves by hand, resetting thermostats, and more. With the mobile-friendly option, you can control your pool settings from your home, or across the country.
  • Spa vs. Pool. If you have both a pool and spa, you won’t want to have to install multiple systems. Most pool automation systems allow you to control your pool and spa separately with ease.

When determining the type of pool automation system for you, we recommend comparing your particular pool needs to the many features available with these systems.

Pool Automation Control System Repair

Similar to any of your pool equipment, technology can fail and need to be repaired. If your controller stops working or the electrical clocks/internal timers operate unexpectedly, our experts will be able to diagnose the issue and repair the system quickly. Whether it’s reprogramming the technology, or replacing bad fuses, it’s important to let the Royal Pool & Spa pool technology professionals get the job done. Get back to relaxing and enjoying the comfort of your home swimming pool without the stress of a broken automation control system.

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