Pool Lighting Systems

Installing pool lighting systems can not only add beauty to your pool but also increase the safety of your pool after dark. Lighting systems can be automated to turn on when night falls, which increases the convenience of this important safety feature. Some can even be programmed to turn different colors to provide a fun atmosphere to go along with your pool.

Types of Underwater pool lights:

  • Pool LED Lights. LED pool lighting has become a popular money-saving lighting option. These advanced lights provide long-lasting, low energy requirements, low heat emissions, and more. If replacement is necessary, our professionals can help you find the new, perfect fit for your pool.
  • Incandescent and Halogen. Halogen bulbs use relatively little energy, while providing optimal light for your pool. They can also come in a wide variety of options to fit your personal preferences.
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. These bulbs are similar to incandescent lights, however, they use far less energy and emit a different style of light.
  • Fiber Optic Lighting. These lights are actually not submerged in the water, but are located in a dry box on the pool patio. The light from the bulb travels through fiber optic cable to a special fitting inside the pool wall. The light you see is actually emitted from the end of the cable.

Pool Lighting Repairs and Replacements

Underwater swimming pool lights normally don’t require much maintenance or routine care. Of course as with any other light, the bulbs will need to be replaced at some point. Royal Pool & Spa has a variety of bulbs on hand to match your pool’s needs. We have the tools and capabilities to change the lightbulbs with ease, meaning, we won’t even need to drain your pool.

Other issues with underwater pool lighting could be leaking pool light niches or other power problems. For pools that use light niches, they can begin to leak due to the ground settling/shifting or freezing, which can be a quick, simple fix for Royal Pool & Spa. However, if you believe electrical issues are causing your lights to malfunction, do not try to fix the problem on your own. Our professional pool experts know the necessary steps to correct your electrical issues in a safe, and timely manner.

Things to keep in mind for your inground pool lights:

  • Keep pool light submerged, even during winter. Pools normally contain water during the winter months, but when you winterize your pool, make sure the water level is above the pool lamps. This will prevent the lense gasket from drying out and avoid pressure when the water freezes.
  • Do not turn pool light on if not submerged. Underwater pool lights naturally burn hotter and brighter so users can see the light through the water. It’s important the pool lamp is underwater, so the water can keep it cool.
  • Use lights only as needed. This will save you energy and reduce the amount of time between bulb changes.

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