If you’re thinking about buying a house with a pool, it is important to have a full swimming pool inspection before closing the deal. Unfortunately, not all home inspectors will evaluate a home’s pool, or they simply will not have the required expertise to understand the workings of a safe swimming pool. Unless you are a pool expert yourself, you will want to have the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa conduct a swimming pool inspection because we have the experience you can rely on.

Our pool inspection services include:

  • A visual inspection. This includes the area around the pool and the pool itself. We will look for warning signs for potential hazards, such as surface cracks. We’ll also verify if all railings, ladders, and/or diving boards are built to standard and are securely fastened. If the pool contains water, we will test for proper chemical balance, such as chlorine, calcium, pH, and alkalinity.
  • A pool equipment inspection. A thorough inspection also includes the equipment. We will run the systems to see if they run properly and inspect individual equipment pieces for potential issues, such as breaks, leaks, cracks, and more. We will also conduct a pressure test on the pool’s plumbing to ensure no leaks are present.

Following our inspection, our professionals will provide you with a complete report of what we inspected including any necessities to get the pool up and running, including needed repairs and updates.

Call on our Swimming Pool Inspection Services

For nearly 30 years, Royal Pool & Spa has been conducting top-of-the-line pool inspections in the Twin Cities area. We will follow all required safety steps and precautions to ensure your swimming pool inspection is executed without delay.

Avoid unforeseen repair or replacement costs down the road by having your pool inspected by Royal Pool & Spa. Call us at 651-779-7606 for a free estimate!