A spring pool opening reverses some of the steps done during your pool’s closing or winterization. If your swimming pool closing was conducted correctly at the end of the last swimming season, your swimming pool opening should be a breeze. At Royal Pool & Spa, we will follow all necessary procedures to ensure your swimming pool opening happens efficiently and effectively.

Steps to a Successful Swimming Pool Opening

  • Remove the pool cover. Whether your pool has a solid pool cover or mesh pool cover, our experts will be able to remove your cover with ease. Oftentimes, water from melted snow or other dirt and debris can settle on pool covers during your pool’s offseason. This can make effectively removing your pool cover tricky if handled on your own. With Royal Pool & Spa, our experts will safely remove the debris and other obstructions without damaging your pool cover. Following this step, we’ll also help you come up with an optimal storage solution for your pool cover while it is not in use.
  • Remove expansion plugs from skimmers and wall returns. Expansion plugs, or freeze plugs, are necessary during pool winterization to help protect your pool pipes from freezing, however, they serve no purpose during the swimming season.
  • Conduct equipment and safety inspections. Swimming pool opening time is ideal for annual preventative maintenance steps such as cleaning, lubricating, inspecting, and replacing components for your pool system equipment. Our experts will check your equipment for any pressure leaks, possible hazardous electrical connections, exposed wires, and more. We will also provide input for ensuring other layers of protection, such as points of pool access, pool covers, and safety gates, and fences.
  • Reassemble the filter, pump, heater, etc. Correctly reassembled pool equipment can save you time and money if done right the first time. Our experts have experience assembling and maintaining D.E., Sand, and Cartridge pool filter systems, pumps, heaters, chlorinators, and more. We will also check for any damages that may need to be repaired before putting your equipment to use. Don’t chance assembling your important pool equipment incorrectly,
  • Turn on the power to the pump and start the system. After inspecting and assembling your pool pump and filter system, the next step is to ensure the system is running smoothly. It’s important to keep in mind that different pump systems require pressure ranges. Once the system is started, we can adjust valves and return fittings for proper flow.

Ready to Open Your Pool this Season?

Don’t stress over your swimming pool opening another year. Since 1988, Royal Pool & Spa has been delivering outstanding seasonal pool openings for our residential customers. We will follow all necessary steps and precautions to ensure your pool opening is executed without delay.

Rest assured, our service vans are supplied with all the necessary parts and equipment for your pool opening. We will get any job done on site, so you don’t have to worry if any repairs or replacements pop up.

Call Royal Pool & Spa at 651-779-7606 to get your home’s pool functioning as soon as possible.