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Enjoying your warm spa during the cold winter months is the ultimate luxury. However, not everyone keeps their spa open all year long due to upkeep and higher energy bills. If you are one of the many who plans to close their hot tub or spa, don’t wait until the first snowfall or freezing rain to winterize your spa. The best time to conduct your spa closing in Minnesota is early to mid-autumn.

It’s important to follow all of the necessary steps in closing your spa for the season to prevent unwanted damages and to have a more seamless opening the following spring. The professionals at Royal Pool & Spa will take care of your seasonal spa closing to ensure the process is completed efficiently and correctly.

Steps to a Successful Spa Closing

When you contact Royal Pool & Spa for your start-ups and closings, you’re choosing experts with decades of pool care experience and five-star reviews in the Twin Cities area.

Here’s what to expect from our spa closing process. Contact us to set yours up!

Turn Off the Power & Drain the Water

After ensuring no power is running through any of your pool equipment, we will drain the necessary amount of water from your spa. As we drain your spa, we will also flush the plumbing with specialty cleaner to help avoid the buildup of mold, grime or heater scale deposits.

Remove All Filters

We will remove any filters inside your filter well and clean them with a specialized cleaner. It’s important that when you store your pool filters for the winter, they are clean.

Blow the System

Using our specialized air blower, we will blow any remaining water out of your plumbing system and pipes to dry them out. This step protects your pipes from freezing during the winter.

Contact Us for Your Seasonal Spa Closing

If it’s that time of year to close down your spa for the season, call on the experts at Royal Pool & Spa to take care of it for you! We have the knowledge and capabilities to successfully winterize your spa without difficulty.

Our service vans are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and parts to successfully complete your seasonal spa closing. Call us at 651-779-7606 for more information and to receive a quote for spa closing or any of our other pool and spa services.