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Salt Cell Cleaning

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  • Professional salt cell cleaning service
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  • Vital step of the pool closing process
  • Annual salt cell cleaning recommended

Saltwater pool cells have become a more popular pool sanitizing option for residential pool owners over the years. A salt cell works by converting salt in the water into low levels of chlorine. Depending on the model you own, it can also be easily monitored and programmed to control the amount of chlorine you want in your pool.

Your pool salt cell requires routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure it is working optimally. At some point, you may see your “inspect cell” light come on. However, this is not the same as a “check engine” light in a vehicle. The salt cell light is programmed to turn on roughly every 500 hours as a reminder to have it inspected and cleaned. Let our professionals handle the job for you!

Our Steps for Pool Salt Cell Cleaning

If your salt cell does not contain a self-cleaning feature, the experts at Royal Pool & Spa can perform a basic pool salt cell cleaning. Here’s what to expect from our process.

Turn Off the Power & Remove the Cell

Before the salt cell can be removed and cleaned, the power must be turned off. To ensure no issues arise, it’s important to have a professional remove the salt cell from the rest of the pool plumbing.

Inspect the Cell

Crusty or flakey deposits can form on salt cells due to the chemicals constantly running through them. Dirt or debris can also get caught in the plates when water passes through.

Remove Built-Up Deposits

We will use our specially made tools and cleaner to gently remove the deposits from the salt cell. Leave it to the professionals to handle cleaning the cell, because we use the proper equipment to safely handle the acid cleaner.

Soak & Rinse the Salt Cell

This step will help to remove any more deposits as well as any acidic cleaner still on the cell.

Reinstall the Cell

We will properly install the cell by reconnecting it back into the plumbing. Once this step is complete, the system can be turned back on.

Get a Quote for Salt Cell Cleaning in the Twin Cities

Whether your salt cell is overdue or it’s the end of the summer, Royal Pool & Spa offers exceptional salt cell cleaning maintenance services to our residential pool customers. We will follow all required safety steps and precautions to ensure your pool salt cell cleaning is executed without delay.

Call us at 651-779-7606 for more information and get a quote for your salt cell cleaning or any of our other pool and spa services.