A pool safety cover is one of the best ways to keep small children and pets safe when your pool is not in use. These safety covers have anchors that are drilled into the concrete apron around your pool. When attached, the cover stretches over the pool tightly. If a child or pet were to walk across the cover, the cover is tight and strong enough to prevent them from falling into the water.


When it comes to pool safety covers, there are two primary types available. Here are the two types of covers available, and the benefits of each one.


Mesh Covers

A mesh cover is typically made from a strong, metal mesh material. This material allows water from rain and snow to fall into the pool while keeping other debris, such as sticks and stones, out. This type of cover is typically a less expensive option, and requires the least amount of general maintenance. Mesh pool safety covers are also fairly easy to roll out and put into place, making them very convenient to use. One potential drawback to this type of cover is that the metal components can rust and become rough over time. If you begin to see signs of rust on your mesh safety cover, it may be time to contact a professional for repair or replacement.


Solid Covers

A solid cover is typically made from a vinyl material. These types of covers typically come at a higher initial cost, but they are a durable and long-lasting option. Many homeowners find that the longer lifespan of a solid pool safety cover helps to offset the purchase price. Solid covers also help to keep all debris out of your pool, including dirt, dust, and rain water. You do have to pump water and snow off of the cover or it can become so heavy that it begins to dip down and stretch out, offering less protection. However, when properly cleaned and cared for, this type of cover also helps to keep children and pets out of the pool.


In addition to installing a pool safety cover, you may want to consider adding a fence and alarm system around your pool. These added precautions are a great way to create a safer outdoor space.


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