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Pool Maintenance & Repair

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair in the Twin Cities

  • Pool maintenance and repair experts since 1988
  • Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance schedules
  • Repair or replacement options for all pool components
  • Pool chemical delivery in the Twin Cities

At Royal Pool & Spa, we follow all necessary guidelines and best practices to ensure your routine swimming pool maintenance is completed on time and on budget. Our specially-trained pool experts have the knowledge and expertise to perform successful and quality maintenance on any part of your swimming pool, from the heater to the pump and everything in between. When there’s an issue, we provide repair or replacement solutions quickly, so you never have to miss any pool time!

Your Twin Cities Swimming Pool Maintenance Experts

Being able to enjoy the comforts and amenities of a swimming pool is why residents are turning to backyard swimming pool installations. However, owning a swimming pool comes with constant maintenance, whether it be cleaning the pool or checking equipment for possible damages.

Pool maintenance can be one of the more time-consuming tasks of keeping a swimming pool in top-notch condition – and not necessarily what residential pool owners want to be doing during their precious summer months. At Royal Pool & Spa, we offer routine maintenance services for our residential customers for the entire swimming season.

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Get Our Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Whether you require weekly or bi-weekly swimming pool maintenance services, Royal Pool & Spa is ready to deliver!

Maintenance Schedules

Our weekly and bi-weekly pool maintenance schedules include pool and surrounding area cleanings, chemical testings, filter cleanings, and more.

We will also come to your home once a year to conduct thorough cleanings on your pool equipment and check the safety of the equipment and other features, such as the diving board and fence gates.

Chemical Deliveries

Royal Pool & Spa will bring the pool chemicals to you! Don’t waste your time this summer shopping for pool chemicals when you should be enjoying your pool.

We will deliver any chemicals necessary for your swimming pool system, and you can guarantee your pool chemicals will be fresh upon delivery.

Trust Us With Your Residential Pool Repairs

Owning a swimming pool is the perfect way to enjoy warm summer days in the sun, giving you immediate access to relaxation or exercise. Various maintenance is required to keep your personal oasis in its best shape from season to season, and Royal Pool & Spa would be honored to be your long-term pool partner!

If your pool equipment begins to wear out or break, you can trust our professionals to find the right solution. We’ve completed hundreds of pool repair and replacement projects during our decades in the business – check out our reviews here!

Our Pool Repair & Replacement Services

When you choose Royal Pool & Spa for maintenance or repair, we will come to your home with our fully supplied service vans, equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to complete any of your equipment repair or replacement needs.

Heater Repair or Replacement

Not all Minnesota summers are exceptionally hot, so you may decide a pool heater is the best option for keeping your swimming pool water warm. Depending on how often the heater is used, it can last anywhere from 4-12 years. However, there is a chance maintenance and heater repair or replacement will be required over time.

Pool Pump Repair or Replacement

The pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool, constantly pulling and pushing water through the intricate filtration system. Over time, your pool pump can begin to leak, not move water, not stay primed, or not even start at all. We can diagnose any issues and fix the problems or install a brand new pump.

Filter System Repair or Replacement

Whether you have a D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) filter, a sand filter, or a cartridge filter, our pool experts have conducted repairs and overall replacements on all kinds. Each filter cleans your water in a very specialized way, meaning professionals should be in charge of filter system repair or replacement whenever issues arise.

Motor Repair or Replacement

Your pool’s pump would not be able to work without a properly working motor. It’s important that professionals handle your motor replacement should it eventually burn out. An exact match to the old one is necessary, otherwise, it will not run properly.

Chemical Feeder Repair or Replacement

Whether you have a tablet chlorine feeder or a liquid chlorine feeder, our experts have experience repairing both. If an issue arises with your chemical feeder, do not try to fix the issue on your own, as the harsh chemicals can be potentially dangerous.

Get a Quote for Twin Cities Pool Maintenance & Repair

No matter what’s going on with your pool, our experts have a solution, so contact us today for all your swimming pool needs in the Twin Cities metro area!