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Start-Up & Closing

Pool Opening & Closing Services in the Twin Cities

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Pool and spa start-ups and closings are vital to your pool’s longevity. If any step is missed, or if the processes are handled incorrectly, you could see more costly equipment repairs and replacements down the road. Mark your calendar or sign up for routine maintenance to ensure you have an appointment before the season starts or ends!

Royal Pool & Spa has conducted thousands of pool and spa openings and closings over the years. We have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time, so you can get back to soaking in the benefits of owning a swimming pool.

Our Start-Up & Closing Services Keep Your Pool at Its Best

Whether we install your new in-ground pool or you buy a home with a pool, you want to protect your investment. That’s why it’s important to contact the professionals for all of your pool opening and closing needs.

Swimming Pool Opening

A swimming pool opening occurs at the beginning of every swimming season, usually during the spring. The steps we take to conduct the opening of your pool will reverse the pool’s winterization and make it safe and usable for the entire summer.

Swimming Pool Closing

We will conduct your swimming pool closing any time from the end of the summer to mid-autumn. This process should always be handled by a professional to ensure an accurate and safe winterization. If this step is handled incorrectly, you may find some of your pool parts and equipment need to be replaced the following season.

Spa Opening

Spa openings usually occur with ease, especially if the spa closing was conducted correctly the previous season. Our experts will follow all of the required steps to ensure your spa opening is a smooth process.

Spa Closing

Though spas are similar to pools, the closing process is quite different. While you leave water in the pool all winter, your spa must be entirely drained of water for the offseason. Closing your spa isn’t always necessary, as many spa owners love using their outdoor spas during the winter. However, if you prefer to close your spa for the season, our professionals will ensure the process is handled correctly.

Cartridge Cleaning

Pool cartridges need to be cleaned multiple times each season, but especially right before a pool closing. They also must be stored in a dry, enclosed environment during the winter to ensure it will not be damaged.

Pool Inspections

Thinking of buying a house with a completed pool? Our professionals are certified to conduct a thorough pool inspection for you. Our process includes a visual inspection of the pool’s exterior and surrounding area, as well as an equipment inspection to ensure all the parts and plumbing are working correctly.

Salt Cell Cleaning

Most salt cells need to be cleaned every two to three months, however, they also need to be thoroughly cleaned before a pool closes as well. Salt can cause deposits to build up on the salt cell, which will then cause it to not work properly. These deposits need to be cleaned routinely, and the salt cell should be stored in an enclosed environment each winter.

Instructions for New Pool Owners

If you are new to the pool-owning scene, you may not know even the most basic needs your swimming pool requires. Our experts will come to your home and provide you with thorough pool use and maintenance instructions so you can have a fun and safe experience.

Ready to Schedule Your Pool Opening or Closing?

Since 1988, the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa have been conducting hundreds of pool start-ups and closings for our residential pool owners in the Twin Cities area. Royal Pool & Spa is different because our maintenance vans are fully supplied with all of the necessary tools and parts for your pool maintenance projects. We won’t waste any precious time ordering a new part for your pool.


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