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Your swimming pool’s vinyl liner can add beauty and set the tone for the surrounding environment. Vinyl liner designs can replicate intricate tiled looks at a much lower cost than tile. However, usual wear and tear can take a toll on your pool’s vinyl liner, causing it to shift, tear, or fade over time.

If it’s time for a new vinyl liner replacement, our specially trained experts have the tools and capabilities to measure and install your new liner. In fact, Royal Pool & Spa is ready to take care of all your pool installation, pool renovation needs, including liner replacement, automatic pool covers, salt system installation, acid washing, and more!

When It’s Time to Replace Your Pool Liner

Check out these signs you may need your vinyl pool liner repaired or replaced, then contact us to learn more about your options!

The Liner Is Coming Out of the Track

The track is located underneath the pool coping and is what locks the vinyl pool liner into place. Sometimes, liners are too small or too large for the pool, or they can be installed slightly off center. The result is the “bead” (the liner’s top edge) popping off the track.

Do not try to fix this issue yourself, as it normally requires large amounts of manpower. If your pool liner is coming out of the track, we will use various methods to lightly heat the liner to make it more movable, which will make it easier to push the liner back into place.

The Liner Is Leaking

Though vinyl pool liners are manufactured to withstand various amounts of force, punctures in the liners can happen. Detecting vinyl liner leaks can be a bit difficult, however. The first, most obvious sign is tears in the pool liner or areas where the liner may have separated from fittings (skimmer, steps, drain, pool light, etc.). Second, check for any abnormal wet areas around the pool. If it is an inground pool, check for sinkholes or muddy spots, which can indicate a leak somewhere in the pool.

If you’re concerned your vinyl pool liner is leaking, the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa will be able to determine the cause of the leak and work on repairing or replacing your liner as needed.

Fading Pool Liners

Slight fading of your vinyl pool liner is natural, as harsh chemicals and UV light are always in constant contact with the liner. Newer liners are manufactured to better withstand the elements, however, time will almost always be the result of fading.

If you believe your liner is becoming discolored, it could simply be from fading. Do not try to “shock” the pool with chemicals to try to remove the discoloration, as you will do more damage.

If you want your pool to have a slick, clean look, having your vinyl pool liner replaced may be the best option for you, and Royal Pool & Spa is ready to assist. Read our reviews to see what previous customers say about our pool liner services!

Why You Need a Professional to Replace Your Pool Liner

Almost all swimming pool liners need to be replaced at some point. Over time, the elasticity of the vinyl liner will diminish due to age and weather conditions.

It’s important your new vinyl liner installation is done right the first time, otherwise, you could see more costly repairs down the road. If the measurements are not perfect, the liner won’t fit correctly, and will almost always pop out of place.

Remember: The better the pool liner fits, the better it looks and wears!

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Royal Pool & Spa is ready to be your lifelong pool partner! We can take care of your liner replacement, as well as any other maintenance, repair, or renovation projects on your radar. Let us do the hard work this summer so you can enjoy your pool!

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