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Motor Repair Or Replacement

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The motor is attached to your pool pump and is basically the driving force behind the pump. If the motor is not working or is broken, your pump will ultimately be useless. While pool pump motors typically last anywhere from 8-10 years, the size and amount it is used will ultimately determine when a replacement is necessary.

It is important to leave it to the professionals to replace your pool pump motor. Bigger is not always better. Replacing your motor with an exact match to your previous motor is important, otherwise, it can burn out prematurely.

With Royal Pool & Spa’s extensive knowledge with pool pumps and motors, you don’t have to worry about replacing the entire pool pump if a motor burns out. We will find you an exact match to your previous motor and be able to reassemble the motor to the pump, saving you time and money!

Signs You Need Pool Motor Replacement

If you notice any signs your pool pump motor isn’t working as it should, call on the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa to determine the cause. Attempting to solve the issue yourself could mean more costly repairs or replacements in the future.

We offer replacement solutions for any and every component of your in-ground pool, including the filter system, heater, pump, motor, and chemical feeder, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

The Motor Will Not Turn On

This could be due to something easily repairable such as incorrect electrical connections, or something more permanent such as corrosion inside the motor.

The Motor Hums But Won’t Start

If your motor is on but not working properly, it could mean rust has built up between the stator and rotor inside the motor. Another reason could be the impeller may be clogged with debris, keeping the motor shaft from turning.

The Motor Is Cycling

If your pool pump motor runs for a short while, turns itself off, then turns itself back on later, it could be overheating. A cycling motor is usually the indicator that the thermal overload (heat overload) is shutting it off.

Request a Quote for Pool Services in the Twin Cities

The professionals at Royal Pool & Spa have the knowledge and experience to diagnose your pool motor issues and come up with a solution. We will follow all required safety steps and precautions to ensure your motor replacement is executed without delay.

Call on our experts at 651-779-7606, and we find the cause of your pool pump motor issues and determine a solution that is right for you!