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Chemical Feeder Repair or Replacement

Pool Chemical Feed Repair & Replacements

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Chemical or chlorine pool feeders can make adding harsh chemicals to your pool a more simple and safe process. Chlorine is the most common chemical used to treat residential pools; It keeps your swimming pool clean, kills bacteria, and prevents algae from growing. However, saltwater pools are definitely growing in popularity in the Twin Cities area.

The type of pool chemical feeder you own and the form of chlorine used depends on the type and size of pool it feeds to. Royal Pool & Spa stands ready to assist with all your pool chemical needs!

Types of Chemical Feeders

The experts at Royal Pool & Spa have the tools and resources to handle concentrated amounts of pool chemicals during a routine feeder maintenance or repair, no matter what type of system your pool has.

Your automatic pool chlorinators should be cleaned and lubricated annually, and off line chlorinator hoses should be serviced or replaced every year to prevent clogging or breakage.

Floating Chlorinators (Tablet)

These chemical feeders can vary in size and float on the water’s surface. Chlorine tablets or sticks slowly dissolve into the pool as water flows over them.

Automatic Chlorinators (Tablet)

These types of chlorine pool feeders are normally installed at the filter system. They use pressure to slowly dissolve chlorine tablets or sticks into your pool.

Liquid Chlorine Feeders

These chlorine feeders are required to be installed in an indoor room so they’re protected from the elements. An output control dial on these feeders allows for an easier way to regulate the amount of chlorine injected into the water.

Every few years, liquid chlorine feeders will require occasional repair or replacement of hoses and internal parts, depending on the amount of use. The most common issue with liquid chlorine feeders is a pesky leak.

It is especially important to regularly check the hose lines of the liquid chlorine feeder. If any holes or tears are present, unsafe amounts of chlorine could be pumped into the pool.

Chlorine Tablet Feeder Repair

Have you noticed these issues that can arise with tablet feeders? Contact Royal Pool & Spa for friendly services in the Twin Cities area!

The Chlorine Tablets Are Not Dissolving

Your chlorinator could have malfunctioning hoses or calcium buildup. We will diagnose the issue on site and determine if a repair or replacement is necessary.

The Chlorine Tablets Are Dissolving Too Slowly

Again, this issue could have to do with wrongfully attached hoses, calcium buildup, or an air lock causing the feeder to not work properly. Water needs to be able to have contact with the tablets in order to dissolve, but if the water is being blocked in some way, your automatic feeder will not work.

Get Expert Chemical Feeder Repair or Replacement Services

If it seems you are having issues with your pool’s chemical feeder, Royal Pool & Spa has the capabilities to not only determine the cause of your malfunctioning chemical feeder, but also conduct any repairs or replacements as needed.

Leave it to the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa to handle your chemical feeder repairs or replacements – don’t try to fix the problem on your own. Pool chemicals pose hazards and should be handled with the proper equipment and care. Rest assured, our service vans are supplied with all the necessary parts and equipment for any project.

We will get any job done on-site, so you don’t have to worry if any unexpected repairs or replacements arise. Call on our experts at 651-779-7606, and we will find the cause of your chemical feeder issues and determine a solution that is right for you.