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Pool Renovations

Custom Swimming Pool Renovations

  • Custom-designed upgrades for Twin Cities pools
  • Automated pool control systems and covers
  • Endless selection of pool liner designs
  • Saltwater systems, plumbing renovations, and more

Our Swimming Pool Renovation Options

Since 1988, Royal Pool & Spa has been performing quality swimming pool renovation services for Minnesota’s residential pool owners. When you work with us, know our experience is second-to-none, as all of our pool experts have over ten years of experience before joining our team.

Our service vans are fully loaded with all the necessary parts and equipment for any project. We will get any job done on site, so you don’t have to worry if any unexpected repairs or replacements arise.

Auto Cover Services

An automatic pool cover can improve pool safety, lower pool owners’ energy costs, and provide a more convenient pool maintenance experience.

Liner Replacement

Many residential swimming pools are lined with vinyl pool liners, which can give their pools anything from a solid, seamless look to an intricate, tiled look. Over time, however, vinyl pool liners will naturally lose their elasticity due to age, or they can start to separate from the pool wall. Leave it to the professionals to fix your vinyl liner issues, whether it requires a simple repair or a complete replacement.

Salt System Installation

Over time, swimming pool salt systems can develop clogs and buildup from chemical deposits. Therefore, it requires routine cleaning and maintenance to keep it running optimally.

Complete Replumbs

Some issues that may arise with your swimming pool plumbing could be suction side leaks, pressure side leaks, and underground leaks. Various natural or initial installation issues can be the cause of broken pool plumbing.

Automation Services

Swimming pool automation systems give pool owners complete, centralized control over all of their pool equipment and features at the touch of a button. However, as with any technology, your pool automation system can glitch or malfunction for various reasons. Whether you need automation repairs or a new system installation, Royal Pool & Spa handle it all.

Mesh Safety Cover Services

Mesh pool covers are a popular choice for pool owners because during the winter months, it is the less-likely option for damage and water collection. However, over time, it may experience small tears or bend springs, which call for immediate repair.

Underwater Lighting

Several options exist for underwater pool lighting, such as LED lighting, halogen or compact fluorescent bulbs, or even fiber optic lighting. These fun pool features don’t normally require much maintenance, however, when the occasional bulb burns out or you are experiencing electrical issues, our experts will be able to fix any problems to get your underwater lighting working like new.

Acid Washing

If your pool is looking dirty and dingy, our team can perform a special acid wash to get it looking like new. Dealing with harsh chemicals requires special equipment to ensure our team’s safety, which is why you should not try to perform acid washes on your own. Also, keep in mind, acid washing cannot be performed on vinyl-lined pools.

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Is your current in-ground pool in a state of disrepair, with issues that go beyond renovation? It may be time to consider a whole new pool installation.

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