If you have just built a pool, or have recently moved into a home with a pool, you may not be familiar with pool closing services or why they are important. Each year, Royal Pool & Spa is called out to make repairs to pools that have been damaged by cold weather. These repairs are preventable by having a professional, like us, complete pool closing services. Here are a few of the things that are completed during this service, and how they can help your pool survive our cold Minnesota winters.


Lowering the Water Level

The first thing that happens during pool closing services is lowering the water level. All of the water is not drained from the pool, but several inches of water are. The reason we reduce the water level in your pool is that it gives your pool space to fill in the event of heavy rain or snowfall. If your pool is full and the rain or snow falls down, your pool can overflow. Removing water prevents this overflow from occurring.


Adding the Right Pool Chemicals

Once the water level is lowered, we can add the right combination of chemicals to your pool. Typically, when closing out a pool, we add winterizing chemicals. These winterizing chemicals may include a heavy dose of chlorine and algaecide. These heavier amounts of chemicals help to keep the water from turning a dark green or black, or becoming filled with algae during the winter months.


Winterizing Pool Equipment and Blowing Out Water Lines

One of the most important steps to closing out your pool is winterizing your pool equipment and blowing out water lines. All of the water should be removed from the plumbing lines that run into and out of your pool. Just like with the pipes in your home, your pool pipes can freeze and burst if sitting water is left in them. Winterizing the equipment and lines helps to remove this sitting water, preventing this damage from happening.


Installing a Winter Cover

The last step to closing out your pool is installing a winter cover. We will work with you to find the best winter cover for your pool. A winter cover can help keep debris out of the pool, closing it up tightly for the winter.


If you need your pool closed for the winter in the greater Twin Cities Metro area, turn to Royal Pool & Spa. We offer a wide selection of pool maintenance and repair services including pool and spa automation services, installing automatic or safety covers, swimming pool and spa maintenance, spa opening and closing services, pool opening and closing services, and pool and spa repair. As the temperatures continue to fall, appointments will book up for closing services. Call us today at (651) 779-7606 to schedule your appointment.