Fall is almost here. This means that many people in the greater Minnesota area need to start thinking about closing down their spa for the season. If you are a new spa owner or have never had spa closing services, you may wonder what this service is, when it is done and how it is done. At Royal Pool & Spa, we want our customers to know the importance of space closing services. Here is some information we think you should know.


What Are Spa Closing Services?

Spa closing services involve getting the spa cleaned and ready for winter. Water sitting inside of a spa, the pipes, and the filtration system can freeze during cold Minnesota winters. This can cause the pipes and filtration system to become permanently damaged or can lead to cracking inside of the spa. Getting all of these parts ready for winter helps to prevent this.


When Are Spa Closing Services Done?

Spa closing services should always be done well before freezing temperatures hit. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you request these services in early fall, scheduling your appointment for mid to late fall. If you know you are done with your spa for the season, you may request the services a bit earlier. If you wait until the last minute, you may find that all appointments are booked.


How Are Spa Closing Services Done?

The first step to spa closing services is draining all of the water from the spa. Once the water is drained from the spa, the spa is cleaned. This helps to ensure the spa is clean and ready to go when it is opened back up the next year. Once the spa is cleaned, the pipes and filtration parts are blown out. This involves removing all of the water from these areas. Any remaining water that is in the spa is suctioned out, ensuring there is no moisture whatsoever left. Once water is completely removed, a cover is placed tightly over the spa to keep debris out during the months ahead.


At Royal Pool & Spa services, we are dedicated to taking care of pools and spas in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area of Minnesota. In addition to offering spa closing services, we offer many others for your spa as well, including spa automation services, spa maintenance, and spa opening services. Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment for spa closing services. Contact us today to get a free quote or to make your appointment.