Your pool pump plays an important role in the operation of your pool. It sucks in water, filters it and then returns it back into the pool. If your pool pump is not working, your water can quickly get dirty or start to turn green. However, many homeowners are unaware of the signs of a pool pump that is not working or needs to be repaired. Here are a few of the signs that your pool pump may need to be repaired.


The Pump is Leaking

One of the signs that your pool pump is in need of repair is a leaking pump. You may notice moisture actually on the pump or a puddle below the pump. If you notice any water leaking out of the pump itself or any of the hoses or lines connected to the pump, repair is needed. Royal Pool & Spa can replace the broken lines or the part of the pump that is damaged, to help your pump run as it should.


The Pump is Not Moving Water

If you notice that your pool looks dirty or is turning green, stand outside and watch the pool when the pump is on. You should see ripples in the water, indicating the pump is working and moving water. If you hear the pump but do not see water moving, the pump is not moving water. Typically, this is caused by a collapsed or clogged suction line. Royal Pool & Spa can quickly and easily fix this problem, ensuring water starts going in and out of your pool again and the water gets cleaned.


The Pump Won't Turn On

Once again, if you notice your pool looks dirty or is getting green, stand outside when the pump clicks on or manually turn it on. You should hear a humming sound, indicating the machine is on. However, if you hear nothing, the pump is not kicking on. There are a number of reasons this may happen, including a bad capacitor or motor. We can examine your pool pump and determine what is causing the problem.


When your pool pump needs to be repaired, let Royal Pool & Spa help. We are a pool and spa repair and maintenance company located in White Bear Lake, MN. In addition to pool pump repair, we offer many other pool services including pool repair services, residential pool maintenance, installation of pool safety covers, installation of automatic pool covers, swimming pool maintenance and pool opening and closing services. Call us at (651) 779-7606 to schedule your appointment for pool services today.