If you are tired of dealing with chlorine in your pool, there is an alternative. A salt system can be installed. A salt system utilizes salt instead of chlorine to help clean the water. If you are considering this type of system, you may wonder what the benefits are. Here are a few of the benefits of having a salt system installed.


Reduces the Amount of Maintenance Your Pool Needs

One of the biggest benefits to having a salt system installed is that it reduces the amount of maintenance that your pool needs. A salt system helps to keep your pool cleaner without you needing to constantly check the chemical levels or add or reduce chemicals. This frees up more of your time and reduces the amount of time you have to spend maintaining the pool.


The Water Feels Softer

Another benefit to using a salt system is that the water in your pool feels softer. You may not realize that water can have different textures or feels to it. But when you have a salt system, the water is softer and silkier. This may help you glide in the water and helps you to float easier.


Salt Water is More Gentle on the Skin Than Chlorine

The last benefit to having a salt system installed is that salt water is gentler than chlorine. Chlorine can irritate the skin in those who have sensitive skin or those who are in the pool often. It can dry the skin out and lead to cracking, dry skin, and itchiness. It also burns the eyes, which is why many people wear goggles. Salt water is more gentle, helping to eliminate these issues.

And salt water being gentle on the skin is not the only benefit. Salt water is also gentler on your bathing suits. Chlorine can cause your bathing suit to fade or shorten its lifespan. Bathing suits can be pricey, so you want yours to last as long as it can, and a saltwater pool system helps.


If you are looking to have a salt system installed in your pool, fall is a great time to have it done. The weather is perfect for installing a system and your system will be installed and ready to go when pool season opens up next year. Royal Pool & Spa would love to help you with all of your pool needs, including installing and maintaining a salt system. We also offer pool repair services, residential pool maintenance, installation of pool safety covers and automatic pool covers, pool automation services and pool opening and closing services. Contact us at (651) 779-7606 to discuss your pool needs and pricing.