When it starts getting chilly outside, nothing is more enjoyable during the autumn season than sitting by a fireside with your family. Royal Pool & Spa can help you enjoy the outdoors by installing a brand new fireplace on your patio. Fireplaces add a touch of style and class to your patio while also keeping everybody warm on those cool nights. Below are some features of Royal Pool & Spa fireplaces.


Installing a Fireplace is Easy

When you partner with our professionals, you get the benefit of having your outdoor fireplace installed just the way you want it. We can take your current patio design and either match it or find a unit that will complement it. Our contractors can custom design your fireplace that will warm up your entire patio area and add character to your backyard. Installing one of our models is simple, efficient, and affordable.


How Does a Fireplace Enhance Your Backyard?

One of the reasons why outdoor fireplaces are so popular is because it offers lots of features and advantages for Minneapolis and St. Paul homeowners. Here are just a few:


●        Entertain guests although it’s a bit cool outside

●        Attractive focal point for all to enjoy

●        Fireplaces always add to your home’s market value

●        You and your family now have a reason to go outside during the Autumn months

●        Fireplaces are comforting and create a peaceful atmosphere


We Install Two Types of Fireplaces:

Royal Pool & Spa gives you two main choices for your fireplace.


●        Gas. If you prefer to enjoy a fireplace without gathering wood and cleaning up ashes, then a gas fireplace is for your family. Gas fireplaces can provide all the heat of a natural fireplaces but with no smoke, no mess, and no sparks.You Simply turn it on and you’re ready to warm up.

●        Wood. Wood fireplaces are still a favorite with homeowners for many reasons. First, nothing beats the smell and look of real wood. Second, you’ll use less energy in both fuel and electricity. Third, wood fireplaces are just as safe due to the sturdy construction of the model that we offer. Each of our fireplaces come with an easy-access front loader and a fireproof chimney that will direct smoke upwards.


Get a Personalized Fireplace Today from Royal Pool & Spa

If you are ready to install an outdoor fireplace for your home, then contact Royal Pool & Spa. We can show you all the options available to you, and then install a beautiful fireplace right into your current patio. We service both home and business owners in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. For a free estimate, call us at 651-779-7606.