Did you enjoy your new pool this last summer? You’ll enjoy it for many years to come with proper maintenance and care. Royal Pool & Spa works on hundreds of pools each year. We’ve seen the benefits of taking care of your pool. Read below to find out how taking care of your pool will benefit you.


1. Your Pool Will Last Longer

Pools are like anything else. They need ongoing care and maintenance. When you hire a Royal Pool & Spa technician to regularly clean your pool, then you will enjoy it throughout its life expectancy. In most cases, your pool should last roughly 30 years. We can help ensure that you get the maximum use out of your pool.


2. It’s the Only Way Your House Will Sell

A clean well maintained pool is a strong selling point with homebuyers. Having a pool in Minnesota and St. Paul is especially attractive to buyers who may not be able to get out to the coast or on the lake every summer. By contrast, if you don’t take care of your pool, you’ll have a far more difficult time getting your house off the market. The last thing a buyer wants to see is a pool that is in poor shape. We can fully restore your pool so that it is in good shape to sell.


3. Preventative Maintenance Costs Less Than Repairs

Major pool repairs are often the product of neglect. If you fail to take care of the small maintenance needs through the years, you can expect to pay a significant amount for repairs. Remember, large repairs are a sign that your pool may need some extra care. Once a pool reaches that condition, it’s almost impossible to restore it. Only ongoing maintenance from Royal Pool & Spa can keep your pool on track to staying healthy.


4. Maintenance or Replacement: You Decide

If you think that repairs are costly, try replacing your entire pool. Just as neglect can lead to expensive repairs, it can also lead to a full premature replacement. Pool liners, pumps, filters, hoses, and other components will wear out quickly, and before you know it, your entire pool will have to be replaced. A cost-effective option is to contact us to take care of your pool. We can set you up on an automatic schedule so that you’ll never forget to have your pool professionally cleaned and inspected.


5. Never Miss an Opportunity to Swim

Is your pool currently in bad shape? It could be keeping you from enjoying time with your family and friends during the summer season. There’s no reason to miss any of these opportunities if your pool is up-to-date and regularly cleaned. You can always be ready to jump in a clean, clear pool that is in good shape.


Call Royal Pool and Spa for Pool Maintenance

If your residential or commercial pool is current in bad condition, then contact Royal Pool & Spa. Our technicians are ready to help you repair or replace your old pool. We provide routine cleaning, as well as parts repair and replacement. We offer everything you need to keep your pool in excellent condition throughout the year. Schedule an inspection today by calling us at 651-779-7606. We work on all pools in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.