Springtime will be here before you know it. Will your pool be ready? If you’re wondering what type of pool liner is best for your pool, you can ask specialists at Royal Pool & Spa. We clean and repair pools every day. We have the experience and knowledge necessary for giving you the right information about what type of liners are the most difficult to clean and maintain. Below are some things you should consider before investing.


Pool Surface

Pool surfaces are divided into two categories: tile and vinyl. Each has unique features, textures, and styles. Two qualifiers should determine what type of pool liner you should use. First, there’s your taste and style. Tile liners offer a wide range of styles and patterns. Second, the type of pool you have. Not all pool shapes are conducive to tile surfaces, so check with the pool manufacturer to find out if that is an option for your pool.


How Easy is It to Clean

Our technicians can clean any pool surface regardless of the material. Keep in mind, that some surfaces are more difficult to clean than others. Thus, a surface that is hard to clean will take more time and labor, as well as additional staff. If you want to keep your long-term cleaning and maintenance costs down, then purchase a liner that is easy to clean.


Water Depth and Color

How deep the water is in your pool will determine the overall color of the pool. Deeper water away from the sun will create a dark surface shade. Shallow water closer to the sun will lighten the pool. Something else to consider is the color of the water. The type of chemicals that you ask us to use in the pool can affect the color of the water, thus, changing the color of the pool liner.


Custom Options

As you’re planning for your pool installation, you should explore all of the custom options that are available to you. Knowing all the options will help you determine what type of liner is available for those options. Vinyl liners have the flexibility to give you more choices than tile liners. Tile, however, has a broader range of designs, patterns, and colors.


Maintenance and Care

Several factors will help you decide what type of pool liner is best for your home. Ongoing maintenance and care should be at the top of the list. We provide complete maintenance for pools in both residential and commercial properties across Minneapolis and St. Paul. We can help you schedule routine maintenance on your pool and even give you tips on what type of maintenance is required for the kind of pool you want to install.


Royal Pool & Spa Cleans Pool Liners

Whether you’re getting ready to install a new pool or you need your current pool cleaned. Royal Pool & Spa can help keep your pool looking great all year long. We provide full clean service as well as pool repairs and part replacement. We have decades of combined industry experience and can work on any pool you may have. To schedule a cleaning today, call us at 651-779-7606. We are Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota’s leading pool specialists!