Now that it’s getting colder in Minnesota, the last thing on your mind may be your commercial indoor swimming pool. Fall and winter, however, are the perfect seasons for Royal Pool & Spa to renovate or upgrade your swimming pool. Remodeling during this time of year has some distinct advantages over other times of the year. We go over some of the benefits of remodeling your pool during the off-season below.


You’ll Have More Flexibility for Planning

Summer can be one of the busiest times for businesses. Tourists who normally stay away from the north during the winter will visit the Minneapolis area during the spring and summer. If your business picks up, you may not have time to properly plan a pool renovation. The fall and winter seasons give you a little more time for creativity and exploring different pool design, as well as looking at different components and accessories.


Save Money in the Off-Season

As the demand for commercial swimming pool maintenance decreases in during the cold season, pool companies will often reduce their rates to keep business flowing from October to March. You can take advantage of these savings and reduce your remodeling costs. Now is the time to call Royal Pool & Spa to find out what off-season deals we’re offering. You’ll be glad you saved the money!


Faster Pool Remodeling Completion Times

Summertime is the peak season for pool maintenance services. Between pool cleaning, repairs, and maintenance, you may have to wait a few weeks before beginning your remodeling project. Open schedules during the winter give you more flexibility with scheduling a remodel. And, since we’re not as busy, we’re likely to complete any renovation much faster than normal. Your pool will be ready by the time Spring arrives.


Take Care of Repairs and Maintenance

While you’re upgrading your pool, you’ll also want to take advantage of this time to make necessary pool repairs and do any additional maintenance. When you open the pool back up, it will be in 100% working condition and you won’t have to worry about these problems in the Spring or Summer months. Taking care of the repairs may save you money before the problems get worse.


Schedule Your Pool Remodel with Royal Pool & Spa

With winter already upon us here in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, now is the time to schedule a pool renovation with Royal Pool & Spa. We offer a wide range of services such as pool liner installation, pool cleaning, pool repairs, and upgrades. For a free estimate, call us at 651-779-7606, or you can message us at