Get a head start with your pool in 2018 by scheduling your annual pool cleaning today. Royal Pool & Spa can add you to our schedule so that your pool is ready to go by April. If you have an inside pool, we can clean your pool throughout the winter season, so that you can continue to use it. To schedule a cleaning, contact us today. We offer fast service and competitive rates.


Sign Up for Our 2018 Maintenance Schedules

Our professionals are trained to clean and maintain your pool all year long. We offer comprehensive inspection to ensure that your entire pool is ready to open during the spring and summer months. Royal Pool & Spa will come to your home or business in Minneapolis or St. Paul on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the type of pool you have and how often you use it. Our schedules are described below:


Weekly Maintenance Schedule


Clean pool. A routine pool cleaning involves skimming the pool’s surface, vacuuming the pool, and brushing its walls and floor.


Check total pH, chlorine, and alkalinity. It’s essential to constantly check if your pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels are where they should be.


Add specialty chemicals. Depending on the material your pool is made of, particular chemicals can be added weekly to help improve filtration, control algae, and prevent staining.


Bi-Weekly Maintenance Schedule


Clean Pool Filter. We will backwash your pool filter depending on the psi reading on your pressure gauge. If it’s higher than normal, there could be buildup on your filter.


Check Calcium and Cyanuric Acid. Depending on the type of pool you own, your calcium hardness and cyanuric acid levels should be in designated ranges.


Saturation Index Test. Warm summer water can cause chemical balances to change. We will use our Saturation Index calculator to determine the optimal balance for your pool.


Check Time Clock. Power outages are sometimes frequent in the summer, and manual time clocks will automatically turn off/stop turning as a result.


Schedule a Spring Pool Opening

Our schedule is already filling up for spring openings for outside pools. So if you want to get on the list, we suggest that you contact us soon. Our openings include the following:


●        Safely remove the cover without damaging any components

●        Remove expansion plugs from skimmers and wall returns

●        Conduct equipment and safety inspections

●        Reassemble filter, pump, heater, or other parts that are loose

●        Turn on the power to the pump and start the system to make sure it is working correctly

●        Clean the pool and relevant components

●        Add or adjust chemicals (this is optional depending on your pool)


Let Royal Pool & Spa Prepare Your Pool for Spring

2018 is already here. Now is the time to schedule your annual pool cleaning for spring. Royal Pool & Spa can clean your pool and provide ongoing maintenance to make sure it performs well all year long. We clean and maintain inside and outside pools in homes and business across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a cleaning, contact us at 651-779-7606, or you can message us at