One of the most important things you can do for your pool is to get the water professionally tested. Routine water testing gives you a reading of how the water balance levels adjust over time. We refer to water balance as the relationship between different chemicals in your pool and the water. The water holds minerals until it becomes saturated and cannot hold anymore. There’s a point during this process when the water becomes perfectly ‘balanced’ with the chemicals. It’s ideal to swim in. What happens when the water becomes unbalanced? Let’s take a closer look.


Unbalanced Water in Your Pool

To understand why it’s important to keep the water balanced, you have to understand what happens when it becomes unbalanced. Remember this:


●        When the water reaches the saturation point, it’s perfectly balanced.

●        When the water is below the saturation point, it is corrosive. It dissolves everything it touches to saturate itself.

●        When the water is above the saturation point, it forms scales. It can’t contain all the minerals that are dissolved.


What Causes Water Balance To Change?

Any chemical or substance you add to a pool affects the water balance. Rainwater, chemicals, bathers, tap water, and natural materials such as dirt can change the water balance. Each of these elements has their pH and alkalinity levels. For this reason, you should hire a Royal Pool & Spa technician to test the water, particularly during times of high activity. We can inspect your pool to determine if it is perfectly balanced.


4 Benefits Of Professional Water Testing

Whether you own a private or public pool, the safety and health of the swimmers should be your top priority. Pool conditions can deteriorate rapidly if left unchecked. This affects not only the swimmers but also the overall state of the pool. Without proper inspection and treatment, your pool will eventually become too saturated with chemicals and other elements. Thus, it is not fit to swim in.


There are four main benefits of getting your water professionally tested:


1.      Proper water balance increases the lifespan of your pool.

2.      Properly balanced water is healthier for you to swim in.

3.      Water with a proper amount of chlorine is safer for you to swim in.

4.      You will save money on maintenance and repairs.


Professional Pool Testing by Royal Pool & Spa

Royal Pool & Spa offers comprehensive pool testing for residential and commercial facilities in Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding metro area. Our services also include pool maintenance, pool cleaning, and pool heater repair during the winter. We can also repair your automatic pool cover if you notice problems. To schedule a water balance test, contact us at 651-779-7606, or you can message us at