When installed correctly, a quality pool liner will last seven to ten years. If you’ve only had your liner less than that and you notice that it’s falling apart or coming loose prematurely, you may need to call a Royal Pool & Spa specialist. There could be a problem with the initial installation. We offer complete pool liner inspections and pool maintenance services for residential and commercial pools in St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule an inspection, you can contact one of our technicians. We can have your pool ready for swim season.


3 Signs Your Pool Liner Was Incorrectly Installed

If the previous company did not install your pool liner correctly, you'd be able to tell by observing the following symptoms:


1.      Liner Coming Loose From the Track. The track is located underneath the pool coping and is what locks the vinyl pool liner into place. Sometimes, liners are too small or too large for the pool, or they can be installed slightly off center. The result is the liner coming loose from the track. If your pool liner is coming off the track, we can heat the liner to make it more movable. We can then push the liner back into place.


2.      Leaks in the Liner. We assess the pool to see if there are any tears in the pool liner or areas where the liner may have separated from fittings due to poor installation. We can also check for any abnormal wet areas around the pool. If it is an inground pool, we’ll inspect the area for sinkholes or muddy spots. We can determine the cause of the leak and work on repairing or replacing your liner as needed.


3.      Pool Liner is Faded. Although fading is normal in a pool liner due to UV rays and chemicals, poor installation can make it fade faster than it should.  If you believe your liner is becoming discolored at an accelerated rate, we can evaluate the original installation. The liner may not be a quality product, to begin with. We can replace the pool liner with a high-quality modern liner that will last longer.


Replace Your Pool Liner in Time for Spring

Although it’s still a bit chilly for swimming outside, now is a great time to repair or replace the pool liner. Royal Pool & Spa offers comprehensive pool maintenance services. We specialize in pool cleaning, pool heating, repair, and automatic pool cover repair. Our service extends to home and business owners in the Twin Cities Metro area. To schedule a cleaning or repair, call us at 651-779-7606, or you can message us at Rps55155@gmail.com.