Chemically treating a pool properly can be very frustrating to pool owners. The major reason people choose to have a professional take care of their pool is so that it receives the right amount and level of chemicals. Keeping the balance of chemicals and maintaining pool equipment is more than most homeowners can fit into a busy lifestyle. If pool cleaning and maintenance is not how you enjoy spending your free time, contact Royal Pool & Spa. Our technicians have the expertise to keep your pool clean, sparkling, and ready for you to enjoy.


Hiring a Pool Professional is the Safe Option

Being safe around your pool should include everyone around it especially those who will be working for you often when you are not home. Homeowners should check the firm’s licensing, certifications and insurance. While requirements vary by state, pool and spa service professionals need to be licensed to perform services and repair pools.


Ask about the pool company’s insurance coverage. The company should have liability and workman's compensation coverage for any employee that will work on your property. Professional pool companies like Royal Pool & Spa make it a priority to stay current on all pool technology and requirements to ensure that the work meets and exceeds the safety and code requirements.


Advanced Pool Equipment Repair

Most pool owners are not mechanically inclined or can be intimidated by the array of pool equipment maintenance. Any small mechanical issue can dramatically affect your pool’s operation and filtration process. A reputable pool professional will also use preventative maintenance techniques to save you time and money as your pool starts to age.


Royal Pool and Spa professionals will make sure your pool is functioning properly by cleaning the liner, balancing the chemicals, and monitoring pool equipment. Knowing you have a competent professional taking care of your pool can give you peace of mind and help you save money and time.


No Hassle Ongoing Maintenance

Homeowners want a sparkling pool year-round and a pool professional will make sure your pool is functioning properly by cleaning, balancing the chemicals, and monitoring pool equipment. Some of the ongoing maintenance services we provide include:


●        Weekly maintenance services

●        Checking and balancing the pool chemicals and shocking the pool if necessary

●        Surface skimming and bottom debris removal

●        Cleaning the skimmer baskets

●        Brushing down all pool surfaces


For a deeper clean, we also do the following for your residential or commercial pool:


●        Backwashing, if necessary

●        Cleaning the pool deck of leaves and other debris

●        Cleaning and inspecting the pool equipment

●        Repairs


Ongoing Equipment Maintenance

Your service professional has developed expertise in pool leak detection, plumbing diagnosis, pool automation, automatic chemical feeders, salt based chlorinator systems and pool equipment alternatives. Most pool repairs involving equipment should be left to a pool repair profession. Some of these repairs include:


●        Filter and Pump repairs

●        Lighting system upgrades and repairs

●        Valve repairs

●        Heater and motor repairs

●        Plumbing repairs


Your Pool Maintenance Professionals at Royal Pool & Spas

Make a splash without the worry. Royal Pool & Spas dedicated staff stays current on all pool technology and requirements to ensure our work meets and exceeds the safety and code requirements. If you live in the St. Paul area, call us at 651-779-7606, or you can message us at