When maintaining a commercial pool, safety is a top priority. Royal Pool & Spa of St. Paul, Minnesota offers professional commercial swimming pool maintenance services. Keeping your pool properly maintained will reduce repair costs and identify issues before they become a problem. Here are four key elements to improve the safety of your commercial pool:


1. Proper Pool Sanitation and Filtration

We all have heard horror stories of waterborne illnesses spreading from an improperly sanitized or filtered commercial pool. A filtration system in optimal condition keeps the water clean. Continual modification and testing of pH levels, chlorine, and additives will eliminate bacterial and waterborne pathogens to keep your swimmers safe and healthy. Professional pool maintenance services will ensure your water is clean and in compliance with state regulations.


2. Safety When Your Pool is Closed

If you have an outdoor pool closed for winter, there are appropriate methods to ensure the safety of your property, guests, and neighbors. To keep people out of jeopardy, install and maintain safeguards for your pool. A perimeter fence with a locking mechanism, pool alarm, and automatic pool cover are basic safety features that are highly recommended. These components can reduce your insurance costs and lower liability during the time your pool is out of service.


3. Heating and Automatic Pool Cover Repairs

If your heating element or pool cover is not in top shape, it can spell disaster. Even outdoor pools often require heat to provide a comfortable swimming temperature. Maintaining these components is critical for the safety of your commercial pool. Closing your pool for needed repair has a detrimental impact on your customers, business, reputation, and bottom line. An expert in pool heater repair and automatic pool covers will keep your pool safe and operational.


4. Pool Maintenance Services

Depending on your personal needs, we should perform pool maintenance services on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual schedule. A pool maintenance schedule will mitigate the risk of closing your pool for repairs. Maintenance services include:

●        Pool cleaning and sanitation

●        Pump and filter maintenance

●        pH, chlorine, and alkalinity testing

●        Pool cleaner, water level, and basket checks

●        Deck, fence, and gate maintenance

Another important part of commercial pool safety is the maintenance of your pool chemicals and delivery. These chemicals can be dangerous if not handled properly with the correct safety attire. Bromine, chlorine, algaecides, water clarifiers, and other pool additives are hazardous. Using a reputable commercial pool maintenance service will ensure high-quality chemicals delivered fresh on arrival.


Commercial Swimming Pool Maintenance in the Twin Cities

If you are looking for professional help to improve the safety of your commercial pool, contact Royal Pool & Spa. We are swimming pool service and maintenance specialists serving the Greater Twin Cities area. Our commercial swimming pool maintenance experts provide liners, cleaning, chemical delivery, and various repairs with top-notch customer service. We have the best products, services, and knowledge to address all of your swimming pool needs. To find out more about what we offer, call 651-779-7606, or you can message us at Rps55155@gmail.com.