Offset the costs of running a pool with a preventive maintenance schedule. Keeping your pool properly maintained can lower replacement costs and prevent problems from turning into expensive repairs. Increase your swimming pool efficiency and save money with Royal Pool & Spa. We provide a myriad of swimming pool maintenance services across the St. Paul, Minnesota area. Let’s take a closer look at how preventive maintenance can save you real money.


Reduce Evaporation Of Pool Water

Wasted pool water easily translates to wasted dollars. Regular maintenance can fight the primary causes of water waste, reducing your pool operation costs. The average uncovered pool loses an average of 7,000 gallons annually due to evaporation. Using an automatic pool cover and performing regular maintenance on the heater lowers the evaporation rate. Fences, shrubs, and other wind-blocking objects around the perimeter block wind, translating to a slower evaporation process, as well.


Minimize Water Welling and Splash Out

Splash out is another waste of pool water that results from normal use. While you don’t want to curtail your family or friends from having fun in the pool, it’s financially beneficial to prevent avoidable water loss. When you have pool care professionals perform maintenance, part of the process is ensuring a low enough water level. Appropriate levels keep water from welling over the sides during normal use and activity.


Discover Filter and Other System Leaks

Industry experts estimate that around 30% of pools have leaks. While a leak can be relatively minor, it can add up quickly and rapidly increase your water expenses. Marking your water level at the skimmer, and checking it a day later, will indicate if you have a leak. Once you discover a leak, contact a pool maintenance service provider and have it repaired right away. Doing so will not only improve the life expectancy of your pool, it will also save on water.


Winter Pool Maintenance Goes a Long Way

A few maintenance practices when your pool is not in use can save you money in the long haul. A pool cover pump will help remove standing water from rain and melted snow. Removing snow, leaves, and other debris off your pool cover will keep it in tip-top shape for next year and avoid expensive replacement. Increase the life of your vacuum head by storing it properly when not in use. Keep the vacuum head stored away from the sun and point the bristles up to reduce the need for replacement.


Smart Buying Of Pool Chemicals

Another trick to saving money with maintenance is to plan out your chemical purchases in advance. Many pool service companies will schedule your chemical deliveries as part of a maintenance plan. Pool supply and service vendors often run yearly sales on chemicals, typically in the spring. Buying in bulk will ensure you get the best deal, which can stretch your dollars.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Services In St. Paul, Minnesota

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