A swimming pool can be the best part of summer for many families. Your pool’s pump is a key part of keeping your pool clean and beautiful. A pump works to sanitize the water in a pool by mixing chemicals and circulating them through the pool’s filtration system. A pool’s pump is key to pool maintenance services. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right pump. Our experts at Royal Pool & Spa can help you pick a pool pump that will keep your pool open for fun all season.


To determine the best type of pump to keep your pool looking clean and clear, consider these factors:


●        Pool size

●        Pool features

●        Type of filter


Which Pump Size is Right for Your Pool Cleaning Needs?

To perform well, a pump must be the right size for a pool. Choosing a pump with the right amount of horsepower is crucial to a pump’s performance. A pump that is too small will fail to clean a pool properly. You must also take into account any water features such as fountains, waterfalls, or a spa. A self-contained vacuum can also require a larger pump.


On the other hand, too much horsepower can lead to problems. Many pool owners make the mistake of assuming higher horsepower equals a more efficient pump. However, a pool pump that is too large can waste energy, leading to high electric bills. It also causes the filter to work too hard, which can damage the pipes, filter, and fittings and lead to poor performance as well as mechanical damage to the pool pump itself.


Calculating Your Pool’s Volume

To determine the right size of pump for your pool, first determine your pool’s volume. The method used for calculating the number of gallons in your pool is determined by the pool’s shape. If your pool is deeper on one end than the other, calculate the pool’s average depth by adding the shallow end depth to the deep end depth and dividing in half.


Calculating a Rectangular Pool. Multiply the pool’s average depth times its length times its width. Multiply the total by 7.5.


Calculating an Oval-Shaped Pool. Multiply the pool’s average depth times its length times its width. Multiply the total by 6.7.


Calculating a Round Pool. The formula for the volume of a round pool is diameter × diameter  × average depth  × 5.9.   


Finding a Pool Pump at Royal Pool & Spa

Whether you are preparing your family’s pool or overseeing commercial swimming pool maintenance, determining the right pump for your pool’s unique needs can prove a challenging task. The experts at Royal Pool & Spa are experienced with all sizes of pools and types of filters.


We can connect you with the perfect pump to meet your needs and install it correctly. We can also offer help with pool liners, pool heater repair, and automatic pool cover repair. For more information, call us at 651-779-7606 or message us at Rps55155@gmail.com.