Have you noticed your pool has been looking a bit off lately? Maybe you’ve seen algae growing on the walls, or the water is unusually murky? Whatever it is, you know your pool needs a thorough cleaning, and a regular checkup just won’t cut it. So what can you do? Say hello to acid washing. Even if you maintain your pool diligently, it may need an acid wash every few years to counteract the effects of time.


At Royal Pool and Spa, we offer acid wash services to help you maintain the value and appeal of your pool. So what can an acid washing do for your pool? Let’s take a look.


What Is Acid Washing?

Acid washing is a process that removes the buildup of dirt, algae, debris, and grime that can take over the interior of your plaster-walled pool. It can be dangerous, however, and should only be performed by trained professionals. The process is rather simple, but the necessary chemicals are highly abrasive and can be harmful to the skin and respiratory system.


If done improperly, you can also damage the interior of your pool. Here’s how we do it:


●        Draining. We use a pump to remove all of the water from the pool. We also remove any debris before beginning the wash process.

●        Mixing and Spraying. Next, we mix hydrochloric acid and various chemicals. We then spray an even layer of the acid solution on the surface of your pool’s walls and floor.

●        Scrubbing. Using the appropriate equipment and safety gear, we scrub the walls of your pool with the acid mixture still in place.

●        Rinsing. After we remove all buildup, we thoroughly rinse your pool to remove the acid. We may have to repeat this process several times to remove any residual chemicals.


An Acid Wash Removes Hard Water Buildup

Minerals in your water can contribute to discoloration of your pool’s walls. Magnesium, copper, and calcium can cause the plaster to appear stained, and are difficult to remove with scrubbing alone.


Acid washing essentially removes a thin layer of plaster from your pool’s walls, making them appear brand new. Even chlorine and dirt stains can be difficult to remove on your own, so we recommend a periodic acid wash to improve your pool’s aesthetic appeal.


How Often Should You Acid Wash Your Pool?

Because acid washing removes a thin layer of plaster from your pool, it should not be done frequently. We do not recommend acid washing your pool annually as too many treatments may necessitate re-plastering.


To help avoid the need for such abrasive pool cleaning, it’s best to perform regular pool maintenance, or hire a service to do it for you. Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You certainly want to protect and enjoy your investment, and regular cleaning will help you do that.


Pool Maintenance Services in the Twin Cities

If you believe your pool needs an acid wash treatment, the pool experts at Royal Pool & Spa are here to serve you. We specialize in residential and commercial pool maintenance and have been serving the Twin Cities area for the last 30 years.


To learn more about our offerings or to schedule service, contact us at 651-779-7606, or you can message us at Rps55155@gmail.com.