Purchasing the right pool lights to suit your pool largely depends why you are purchasing them and how you want them to look after they are installed. Below, we have outlined different types of pool lights and the effect they have on your residential or commercial swimming pool.


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Different Types of Pool Lighting


If you are particular about the type of lighting you want for your pool, don’t worry. There are lots of choices. Let’s look at some of the most popular.


●        Flush-Mounted LED Lights

There’s no denying that LED lights are the best option for any type of lighting. LED lights are a particularly smart choice for pools, however, because they emit a tremendous amount of light without eating up your energy bill.


LED lights seem to last forever and produce near-zero heat. You will have to fork over a little more money on the front end, but you’ll reap the financial rewards down the road.


●        Surface Mounted Underwater LED Lights

If you want to put your LED lights underwater, you’ll lose little light because they are so bright. They’ll produce more clarity when you are underwater. If you already have surface mounted halogen or CFL lights, you can retrofit LED lights seamlessly.


Once you replace the lights, you’ll immediately notice the difference. Keep in mind, that surface mounted lights are not flush against the wall. They will protrude a bite. Children may be attracted to them due to their shape and lighting capabilities.


●        Pool Garden Lighting

If you don’t want your pool lights inside the pool, garden lighting provides plenty of illumination. Plus, you’ll love how the lights accent our landscape at night. If you prefer LED lights, but don’t want the harsh bulbs, you can either choose to redirect the lights or place them behind some of your greenery. If you position them just right, they will bring out the beauty in your garden.

●        LED Flood Lights

Floodlights are the most versatile and practical lighting system around the pool. They provide the ultimate illumination and increase visibility so that you can enjoy night activities.


As with all other applications, you will save money by using LED floodlights. If you plan to be around or in the pool a lot during the summer, flood lights may be your best choice.


●        Feature Lighting

Is there a particular area or item in your pool area that you want to highlight? Feature lighting is definitely the way to go. You want to use feature lighting to highlight your landscape, your patio, a grilling area.


Most home or business owners use them as decor. The type and temperature of bulb you use will create a unique vibe. You may want to experiment with different kinds of light until you find what you’re looking for.


●        Submersible and Floating lights

What you love most about floating lights is that they operate on batteries. You don’t have to worry about electric shock. Floating lights are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. They’re also great for creating a particular effect that you're going for.


You can use these types of lights on top of or in the water. They’re perfect for social gatherings and parties. To get the most out of floating or submersible pool lights, you will first need to establish your purpose for purchasing them.


Custom Pool Lighting for Your Pool


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