Nothing beats relaxing in a cool, refreshing pool with family and friends. Pools should be a source of enjoyment, with endless summer entertainment. If you look at your pool and only see mounting maintenance issues and an outdated look, it might be time for a renovation.

There are several effective and low-cost renovation ideas that can give your pool a more modern look without breaking the bank. Below, let's look at some of the most popular trends in pool renovation.

New Tile

Sometimes, simply replacing a chipped or broken tile is all that is needed to make a pool look new again. If you want a larger renovation and a fresh look for your pool, consider replacing the tile surrounding the pool and the coping.

The hottest trend right now is to use tiny mosaic tiles. These small tiles are often made of recycled glass or ceramic. Beautiful and relatively maintenance-free, these small tiles are easy to clean and make a pool shine.

Fresh Paint

Blue color shades will always be popular with swimming pools. Blue is a timeless style choice that mimics the cool, refreshing colors of the ocean.

Recently, though, the trend has been to experiment with other bold color choices to paint your pool. Seafoam greens that mirror the Caribbean waters or charcoal grays that match the black sand beaches of Hawaii are also popular.

Light beige and gray colors are trending now because they mimic the color of sand and can help hide dirt and debris that gather on the bottom of the pool. Our experts are happy to discuss several color choices to find just the right color to repaint your pool.

A Deep Cleaning

In some cases, all your pool needs is a fresh start. Using an acid-wash cleaning process is the perfect way to remove accumulated dirt and grime. If your pool water starts to look murky and dark, it might be time for an acid wash.

Simply winterizing your pool can create dirt and debris that must be removed. The acid wash process is extremely effective at removing stains on the bottom of your pool, which may have formed from dead leaves left to sit through the winter.

If you have a commercial pool, we can work with your schedule to make the least amount of guest and resident impact possible. An acid wash is a great way to give your pool a fresh new look with your existing features.

New Liners

Your pool liner has multiple purposes, including creating insulation for more efficiency, adding protection to reduce potential repairs, and creating an amazing aesthetic you love. Upgrading ensures that your pool stays protected, and because it comes in various patterns, textures, and colors, it lets you add some personalization to help complement your space.

Automated Systems

Caring for your pool can take a lot of work, and adding automation is a great renovation to consider installing. Adding a cover that automatically closes or a system that completes tasks like sanitization, pH balancing, and infiltration can free up your time and allow you to focus on more important matters.

Custom Lighting 

If you don't have an installation already, a custom lighting system is another fantastic trend because it helps with the ambiance and makes the pool safer for late-night swims. There are several styles to choose from, all customizable with different colors for a personalized touch.

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