Pools have long been associated with chemicals and that ever present, "pool smell." It is hard to break free of the stigma, but it is possible with saltwater pools. Growing in popularity, a saltwater pool offers a safe, clean, and efficient alternative to chlorine or bromine pools. Below, let's examine just a few of the benefits of converting your pool to saltwater.

●        Chlorine-Based Saltwater Pools

But wait—you thought we were talking about non-chlorine based systems? The truth is, all pools require some sort of disinfection device. The difference is that in saltwater pools, the chlorine is created through a continuous and natural process. In a saltwater pool, the saltwater is passed through two charged titanium panels. The panels work to break down the salt in a natural process that is called electrolysis. The byproduct of this process is hypochlorous acid—chlorine—which continuously works to disinfect the pool water. This means that clean water is constantly circulated through the pool instead of having isolated patches of chlorine.

●        Experience Fewer Side Effects

Chlorine-based pools can often cause nasty side effects in people. Red eyes, dry hair, and irritated skin have all been associated with chlorine. Saltwater pools do not have these effects, and the water often has an incredibly soft and silky texture. Additionally, chlorine can cause respiratory concerns and create an almost asthmatic response in some people. With saltwater pools, this is not a concern and there are no noxious gases released from the water.

●        Experience Increased Health Benefits

There have been several studies conducted to examine the health benefits of saltwater pools. These pools have been known to not only increase the immune system, but can also reduce depression. In studies, women with high sodium diets have been found to exhibit fewer signs of depression than women with normal sodium levels. The thought is that the same health benefits can transfer to people regularly submersed in water with a high salt concentration.


Additionally, salt water is antimicrobial, killing bacterial germs. When you enter the water, your body is constantly losing and gaining water through the skin in a process called osmosis. Potentially germ-infested water is replaced with healthy, antimicrobial water, leading to a healthier and more robust immune system.


A pool is a relaxing place to spend time with family and friends. It is meant to be a source of joy, not one of ongoing maintenance and required expenses. At Royal Pool & Spa, we care about pool repair & maintenance, so you don't have to. Our professional team is dedicated to creating an inviting space, well maintained and free of burdensome work. All you have to do is enjoy. To learn more about our services, contact us today!