Autumn is here, and if you own an outdoor pool, you’re not yet off the hook when it comes to maintenance! You may not be jumping in those frigid waters anytime soon, but if you hope to have clean pool opening come spring, you’ll need to care for your pool properly before winter sets in. To help you keep your pool in tip-top shape over the winter, Royal Pool and Spa is here to discuss a few necessary maintenance tips you need to perform before the first snow falls.


Prevent Algae Growth

While temperatures are still relatively tolerable, it's important to add a long-lasting algaecide to the water in your pool. Ideally, you’ll want to select a product that remains in the water for several months to control algae proliferation throughout the entire winter season. When you’re certain you won’t be using your pool for the remainder of the year, add the algaecide to the water. Make sure you allow the pump to run for a full 24 hours to allow the product to circulate.


Add Enzyme Products

Adding enzyme products to your pool helps break down organic materials that often accumulate in the water. Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that essentially “eat” non-living materials such as animal waste, soil, body oils, yard trimmings, insects, and other organic materials that wind and rain may transfer to the water. Keep in mind that enzyme products will not break down living organic materials. They are specifically formulated to break down inanimate organic debris. To ensure you select the appropriate product, enlist the help of an experienced pool maintenance service.


Periodically Clear Debris

This goes for both your pool cover and the water in your pool. Ideally, you should take a peek at your pool cover once a week to see if debris has built up on the surface. If so, take a few minutes to clear it away to help keep underwater buildup to a minimum. Similarly, take a peek beneath your pool cover to assess the underwater situation. Autumn and winter winds can easily sweep dirt and other organic matter onto your pool’s cover. If you fail to clear buildup on top of the cover, it can make its way into the water, where it will either float or sink to the bottom. If you can, try to keep the surface of the water as clean as possible, as doing so will make your spring pool opening much less time-consuming.


Maintain Pool Cover Integrity

Harsh winter winds can compromise the integrity of your pool cover, allowing organic debris to quickly build up on the surface of the water and the floor of your pool. Periodically check the cover attachments, cables, anchors, and pool pillow to make sure they are still secured and haven’t shifted in placement. Re-adjust any damaged or out-of-place components to ensure your pool remains well-protected.


Professional Pool Maintenance in the Twin Cities

At Royal Pool and Spa, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain your pool, regardless of the season. Summer or winter, spring or fall, our technicians and products work hard to ensure your pool provides outdoor enjoyment for years to come. We offer a wide range of services, including regular maintenance schedules, pool repair, auto cover services, and chemical delivery, just to name a few. For over 30 years, residents throughout the Twin Cities have entrusted us with caring for their pools because our knowledge and experience are unmatched. To schedule your pool service or for any questions, give us a call at 651-779-7606, or message us on our contact page.