As swimming season comes to a close, you may be pondering a pool renovation. During the summer, you may have noticed your pool needs a little TLC, or perhaps, you’d like to upgrade its features and performance. Whatever your reasoning may be, autumn is the perfect time to get started! Why is off-season the ideal time to renovate your pool? The professionals at Royal Pool & Spa in the Twin Cities explain below.


Your Pool is No Longer in Use

Perhaps the number one reason off-season pool renovations are ideal is the fact that your pool will remain largely uninhabited over the coming months. In most climates, September is typically the final month of swimming season, and even that’s a stretch. Once cooler weather sets in, it’s much less of an inconvenience to take your pool out of commission for extended periods.


Off-Season Renovations Can Save You Money

It’s the basic law of supply and demand: when demand falls, so do prices. Like swimmers, pool remodeling companies also consider autumn their off-season. Why does this make fall the perfect time for a remodel? Because when remodel teams aren’t bogged down with work, their prices typically drop. In spring and summer, pool renovation demand skyrockets, allowing companies to sit back and let the jobs roll in. Come fall, however, renovation companies must be more proactive in seeking new work. You may be able to use this phenomenon to your advantage when it comes to cost savings.


Rapid Renovations are Common During Off-Season

As previously mentioned, fall is considered off-season in the pool maintenance industry. As such, demand for services is much lower, leaving pool renovation companies’ schedules wide open. This lull in business can allow you more scheduling flexibility, and can also provide more rapid completion times. In spring and summer, renovators are overwhelmed with work, often lacking sufficient staff to complete jobs in a timely manner. During fall, however, more craftsmen are available, leading to faster turnarounds because companies are no longer spread thin across multiple jobs.


Schedule Your Pool Renovation with Royal Pool & Spa

Fall is the perfect time to schedule your pool renovation with the professionals at Royal Pool & Spa in the Twin Cities. Whether you need a thorough acid washing, liner replacement, pool painting, or tile and brick coping, our highly-qualified and experienced technicians are here to provide you with unparalleled work. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing both residential and commercial pool services, and we’re dedicated to delivering unmatched quality for each and every client. To schedule your pool renovation or maintenance, give our team a call at 651-779-7606, or feel free to message us on our contact page!