Is your pool pump making odd noises? Is it failing to circulate water the way you know it should? Your pool pump is the heart of your pool, so you’ve noticed something’s gone awry, it’s critical that you tend to it immediately. Without a properly functioning pump, water circulation will suffer, and your pool will end up looking more like a pond rather than something you actually want to take a swim in. At Royal Pool & Spa, it’s our job to keep homeowners well informed about proper pool care and maintenance, so we’ve detailed four telltale signs to look for if you think your pool pump might be petering out.


Unusually Noisy Pump Operation

If your pool pump has recently begun making a racket, that’s a strong indication it’s due for replacement. Grinding and screeching noises are definitely not normal and typically signify bad pump motor bearings, which deteriorate due to rust formation. If you’ve noticed any noises that are completely uncharacteristic of the pump, it’s probably in your best interest to have a pool pump replacement installed.


If, however, your pool pump seems just a bit louder than usual, a clogged pump impeller might be the culprit. A clogged impeller is an easy fix, provided the apparatus hasn’t been damaged due to excessive buildup within the pump. In any case, you should have a pool repair service examine the unit and determine the best course of action.


The Pool Pump Is Past Its Prime

The average pool pump has a lifespan of approximately 11-15 years, so if your pump is past its prime, it’s a good idea to be proactive about installing a replacement. Older pool pumps are not as energy efficient as their modern counterparts, and they often feature only a single speed. Installing a two-speed or a variable speed pump can save you money on your energy costs and will also help you avoid the pool issues that typically accompany an aging pool pump.


Your Pool Pump Is on a Power Trip

Does your pool pump frequently trip your circuit breaker? If so, it’s definitely time for a pool pump replacement. When your pool pump begins overloading its circuit, it’s usually due to one of the following causes:


●        The pump draws in debris from the pool water, and the debris clogs the motor, which forces it to work overtime. If this occurs, the motor requires more power to operate, which can trip the breaker.

●        The pump has developed rust, which can strain the motor and cause it to draw too much power from the circuit.

●        There’s a wiring issue within the pump motor.


In the majority of cases, a pool pump repair will not be sufficient to alleviate the issue. Typically, when the pool pump motor frequently trips your circuit breaker, it’s due to an electrical issue within the pump. The only effective solution is to have a swimming pool maintenance company replace the pump.   


The Motor Operates Intermittently

If your pool pump motor repeatedly cycles on and off, it’s not operating correctly. Often, this scenario occurs when the pump is clogged with debris, or when the unit overheats and shuts itself down to protect the motor. Either way, if the motor is not running when it should, the pump is not circulating your pool’s water properly. When the pump cannot force the water through the filter as it should, you’ll find unwanted debris buildup in your pool water.


To remedy the issue, you’ll need to call a pool pump repair technician who can examine the unit and determine the cause behind the motor’s intermittent failure. If you leave the issue undiagnosed and unrepaired, it will only grow worse, potentially damaging other pool components in the process.


Royal Pool & Spa: Pool Pump Repair and Replacement Experts

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