When you own a pool, keeping it clean and crystal clear is a never-ending challenge. And, even when your water appears perfectly clean, there may be hazardous particles lurking within, invisible to the naked eye.


At Royal Pool & Spa, we’re here to make sure you always have a safe and healthy swimming experience. Below, our team has outlined a few of the dangers that might be lurking in your pool water and how professional swimming pool maintenance can help. 



Even if no one is taking an outright bathroom break in your pool, there’s a definite chance human waste is lingering in the water. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, when tested, most pools contain a small percentage of human waste. Researchers estimate that the average pool user distributes about a shot glass worth of urine into a pool each time they use it! And, though that amount may be small, it can still present a danger to your health.


While swimming pool chemicals do indeed sanitize your pool water, when they combine with human urine and sweat, it creates harmful compounds known as chloramines. According to experts, a healthy pool should have no chemical odor — that telltale, off-putting scent is a direct result of chloramine development in the water.


If you’re constantly dealing with itchy skin or red, irritated eyes after swimming in your pool, chloramines are likely the culprit. That said, if you don’t routinely maintain your pool, your water pH and chemical ratios may also be at fault. To enjoy a safe, healthy swimming experience, opting for professional swimming pool maintenance is your best course of action. 


Microscopic Organisms

Just as urine can easily end up in your pool water, so can small amounts of fecal matter. Even if no one is actively clearing their bowels in your pool, remnants of solid human waste can easily wash off in the water, presenting a human health hazard. Even when you can’t readily see it in the water, small amounts of fecal matter still contain harmful microorganisms, including: 


●        Legionella. Legionella is a harmful germ that can cause severe pneumonia in infected individuals. Humans contract the bacteria by inhaling tiny droplets of moisture from pools and hot tubs, which can result in Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac fever. In either case, if you contract the bacteria, you may require hospitalization to successfully manage your symptoms.


●        Pseudomonas aeruginosa. People who come in contact with this bacteria typically develop a symptomatic rash known as folliculitis, commonly referred to as “hot tub rash.” Though the rash typically resolves in a matter of days without medical treatment, it’s irritating nonetheless.


●        Streptococcus or Staphylococcus. When these bacterias are present in pool water, they can cause a middle ear infection known as “swimmer’s ear.” Though the infection will resolve with appropriate medical treatment, it can be quite painful, especially for children.


Avoiding Infection: Practice Proper Pool Maintenance

The best way to keep your pool water clean and safe is to practice proper swimming pool maintenance. Each week, test the water’s pH, adjust the chemical balance to achieve proper water sanitization, and remove all debris from the pool. If you’re not familiar with appropriate pool cleaning techniques, or if you simply don’t have the time, we strongly recommend hiring a professional swimming pool maintenance service.  


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