When you own a swimming pool, you must keep up with maintenance or it won’t be usable. And while you can certainly opt to care for your pool by yourself, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Even if you’re trying to cut costs, professional swimming pool maintenance is well worth the expense.


Sure, anyone can dump some pool chemicals in the water and scoop out a few floating leaves — that’s not rocket science. But properly maintaining a swimming pool involves a whole lot more than sprinkling chemicals and periodically cleaning up debris.


That’s why professional pool maintenance services exist. How do you stand to benefit from putting your pool on a professional maintenance schedule? Our team at Royal Pool & Spa explains below.


A Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance Schedule Saves You Time

Time is your most valuable resource — do you really want to spend that resource measuring the pH of your pool water, adding chemicals in the appropriate ratios, vacuuming up leaves, and scrubbing away algae? Probably not.


Even if you’re considering DIY pool upkeep to save a few bucks, remember that you’ll still need to purchase the appropriate tools to do the job. These include:


●        Pool chemicals and pH test strips

●        A pool vacuum

●        Pool brushes

●        A leaf skimmer

●        A telescopic pool pole

●        Pool shock

●        Filter cleaner


If you want to keep leaves, pollen, algae spores, and other debris out of the water to make your maintenance easier, you should also consider purchasing a pool cover. Ultimately, you’ll need to factor in the value of your time combined with the cost of all necessary maintenance tools to determine whether the DIY route is really worth it.


Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Maintains Appropriate Water pH

The pH range of the water in your swimming pool should always fall between 7.2-7.4. If it becomes too acidic or alkaline, several problems can develop, including


●        Mild to moderate skin and eye irritation both during after swimming

●        Plaster and grout corrosion

●        Staining on the pool surface

●        Unsanitary water conditions (high alkalinity renders chlorine ineffective)

●        Scale development

●        Reduced filter efficiency

●        Algae growth


Maintaining the appropriate pH in your pool water is a delicate balancing act that requires frequent attention, especially if you don’t have a pool cover and plenty of debris enters the water. If you forget to test and balance the pH for even a single week, you could very well end up with unsightly or unsanitary conditions.


Professional pool maintenance on a routine schedule solves this issue quite easily. Your pool tech comes to your house on a weekly basis to test, balance, and clean the water, so you can enjoy using your pool without a second thought.


Expert Swimming Pool Maintenance Techs Can Identify Potential Issues

When swimming pool maintenance technicians service your pool, they don’t just clean the water. They also examine and clean the filter, skimmer basket, and pump basket whenever necessary.


Given their expertise, they can easily identify potential issues with the various working parts of the pool. And, just by looking at and testing the water, they can alert you to potential problems with your filter and other components that you may not readily notice. 


Having this level of expertise and attention to detail doesn’t just offer you peace of mind that your pool is clean and well taken care of. Being on a professional pool maintenance schedule also allows you an opportunity to repair minor issues before they grow into extremely costly problems.


Schedule Routine Swimming Pool Maintenance With Royal Pool & Spa

If you’re getting ready to open up your swimming pool, contact our team at Royal Pool & Spa to set up a professional swimming pool maintenance schedule. All of our technicians have a minimum of 10 years of experience and strive the provide the highest quality pool service in the Twin Cities metro. To get started, give us a call today at 651-779-7606, contact us online, or request a quote. We look forward to serving you!