Your automatic pool cover serves several important functions. It prevents dirt, pollen, and yard debris from muddying the water and as a result, it helps protect the pool machinery and surfacing from premature deterioration. But like the other components of your pool, that cover isn’t designed to last forever. And as it ages, it becomes progressively less effective at doing its job.


How do you know when it’s time to start thinking about automatic pool cover fabric replacement? The experts at Royal Pool & Spa share signs to keep an eye out for below.


Discoloration and Frayed Areas

If your pool is in direct sunlight, the cover fabric may experience minor fading pretty early on if it gets a lot of sun exposure; that’s normal. Depending on the weather and what you have going on in your yard, you might also notice fabric discoloration. But if you can remove the discoloration with a thorough washing, it’s usually nothing to worry about.


If you can’t take care of discoloration with a good wash, though, it may be time to start thinking about retractable pool cover fabric replacement. Aside from ingrained color changes in the fabric, other signs that the cover is nearing the end of its usable life include:


●        Patches of water on the surface of the cover that don’t go away

●        Areas where the webbing has started to bunch or warp

●        Frayed fabric

●        Mold and mildew that continually return even with regular cleaning


If your pool cover fabric is getting old and you’re not sure whether it may be due for replacement, enlist the help of a professional pool maintenance tech or repair specialist. The pros know exactly what to look for and can alert you to any potential red flags.


Stiff or Brittle Fabric

Automatic pool cover fabric will eventually grow stiff and brittle as a result of long-term exposure to harsh pool chemicals and UV rays. If your cover feels brittle to the touch or has lost its natural flexibility, it’s time to replace the fabric.


If the fabric is super brittle and put off replacing it, the pool cover will eventually develop cracks and allow debris into the water. As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Tears, Holes, and Small Leaks

Any break in a pool cover’s fabric compromises its ability to keep debris, algae, and microbes out of the swimming pool. And since that’s the fabric’s primary function, a cover with holes, tears, or even minor leaks won’t be very effective.


If you notice any overt damage to the fabric, don’t try to bond it back together or continue using it despite the tear or hole. Call a pool repair service professional who can evaluate the fabric and determine the best course of action. Typically, auto cover fabric replacement is the smartest choice since the damaged area will be more vulnerable to further deterioration in the long run.


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