If you’re thinking about in-ground pool installation on your Twin Cities property, you’ve probably already considered the aesthetic and entertainment value of such an installation. But an in-ground swimming pool is a major investment, and it’s one you should never take lightly.


While the idea of taking a relaxing dip right in your backyard is undoubtedly appealing, there are several things you should consider aside from a pool’s pleasure payoff. What should you deliberate before you take the plunge? Let’s take a look.


Local Zoning Laws

Before you get all excited about shopping around for estimates, make sure you’re actually allowed to install an in-ground swimming pool on your property. Review local zoning laws, and of course, if you live in an HOA community or have a neighborhood covenant, double-check the rules there, too.


Your Budget for Swimming Pool Installation

Once you know local zoning laws permit in-ground pool installation on your property, the first thing you need to do is create a budget for swimming pool installation. Your budget will determine the type of pool you can install, as well as any additional landscaping you’ll need to include in the project.


In addition to budgeting for the installation itself, it’s also a good idea to think about:


●        Long-term maintenance and cleaning costs

●        Periodic pool repair and component replacement costs

●        Resurfacing (if the type of pool you want needs this)


Make a list of all the long-term expenses associated with maintaining an in-ground swimming pool to get an idea of what the costs of ownership really are.


The Type of Pool You Want

Do you know which type of in-ground swimming pool you’re looking to install? Have you researched the potential benefits and drawbacks of each type? What about projected lifespans, maintenance requirements, and of course, cost?


When you want an in-ground pool, you have three options: fiberglass, concrete, or a vinyl liner. Fiberglass pool installation requires the smallest time investment while concrete pools typically take the longest to install. Vinyl pool liners fall somewhere in the middle but unlike the other two, you’ll need to replace the liner at regular intervals.


Landscaping and Irrigation Design

If you have existing landscaping or an underground irrigation system, installing an in-ground pool will almost certainly require you to alter your landscaping and reroute your sprinklers. Do you want to do that? More importantly, are those renovations in your budget?


Furthermore, you’ll need to consider the type of landscaping you’d like to install after the pool is complete. How big of a patio do you want? Will you need to plant new grass or lay down new sod? What about trees and other foliage to complete the aesthetic and add privacy?


If you’ll need to hire a landscaping specialist to handle the planning, make sure you factor those expenses into your budget.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Requirements

Whether you opt for a chlorine pool or a saltwater pool will determine the type and frequency of required maintenance. Whether you add a cover or leave the pool exposed will also factor into the pool’s maintenance needs. When it comes to routine maintenance, there’s a lot to keep up with, so for most homeowners, a professional pool maintenance schedule is essential.


Think about whether you’re ready to invest in ongoing maintenance or whether you’re ready to make the time investment to take care of upkeep yourself. A poorly maintained pool will only detract from the aesthetic appeal of your yard and potentially, the value of your home, too.


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