If you’re seriously considering investing in an in-ground pool for your Twin Cities home, you should know that installing a chlorinated pool isn’t your only option. Another variety of pool, the saltwater type, offers a number of benefits that a chlorine pool simply can’t provide.


If you’re unfamiliar with the pros and cons of each type of swimming pool, it’s pretty tough to determine which type you prefer. To help you out, our pool maintenance experts at Royal Pool & Spa have outlined the benefits, drawbacks, and differences between chlorinated and salt water pools below.


Salt Water vs. Chlorinated Swimming Pool: What’s the Difference?

The difference between salt water and chlorinated pools is pretty straightforward. Chlorinated pools maintain sanitary water and a balanced pH with a combination of chlorine and other chemicals. Salt water pools, on the other hand, create their own chlorine through electrolysis.


Rather than needing store-bought chlorine, salt water pools rely on a device called a chlorine generator. This apparatus uses electrically charged plates to create chlorine from the pool-grade salt in the water.


Benefits of Salt Water Pool System Installation

Why choose a salt water pool for your upcoming in-ground pool installation? Or, if you already have the traditional chlorinated type, why would you convert to salt water? Take a look at the following benefits of salt water pool system installation:


●        Lower operational costs. If you’re the DIY pool maintenance type, you’ll likely save money on operational and maintenance costs with a saltwater pool. Chlorine expenses for a single summer average about $150-$180 while salt expenses for that same time period usually cost around $20-$30. If you’re hiring the pros for swimming pool maintenance, your costs probably won’t vary significantly between the two pool types. 


●        Smells better. If you find the smell of chlorine overwhelming, a saltwater pool may be a better choice. Since it doesn’t contain pre-made chlorine, the water in a saltwater pool smells much less offensive.


●        Gentler on skin, eyes, and clothing. A saltwater pool naturally has less chlorine than a traditional pool since the chlorine is created through electrolysis rather than dumped directly in the water. Less chlorine means the water is gentler on skin, eyes, hair, clothing, and pool equipment.


●        Less overall maintenance. Generally, saltwater pools require fewer chemicals than traditional pools, which means they typically require less maintenance overall.


Benefits of a Traditional, Chlorinated Pool

Why go with a traditional, chlorinated pool? Here’s why chlorinated pools tend to be the more popular option among the two:


●        Cheaper to install. Unlike saltwater pools, chlorine pools do not require complex chlorine generator equipment, which makes them much more affordable to install.


●        Generally easier to repair. If you’re handy, you can probably repair chlorinated pool equipment on your own. Even if you don’t know how to do it or don’t feel comfortable doing so, it’s easy to find a pro who can get the job done. Given the complex nature of a saltwater pool’s operational systems, performing DIY repairs is pretty much out of the question. It may also be difficult to find pool professionals who know how to work on these systems. (Royal Pool & Spa is an excellent choice for saltwater pool maintenance and repairs!)


●        Require less electricity for operation. Chlorinated pools don’t need a chlorine generator since the chlorine is added directly into the water. Saltwater pools, on the other hand, must have this piece of equipment, which requires electricity to operate.


●        Usable even with cold water. If you enjoy a chilly, invigorating morning dip, you can use a chlorine pool even when the water is sub-60 degrees. A salt system can only produce chlorine when the water is 60 degrees or warmer.


Royal Pool & Spa: Your Twin Cities Source for Pool Chlorinator Replacements & Salt Water Pool System Installation

Need help maintaining your chlorinated pool? Ready to make the switch to a saltwater pool? Either way, we’ve got you covered. At Royal Pool & Spa, we specialize in comprehensive swimming pool maintenance, repair, and renovation services for Twin Cities pool owners. We’ll help you take excellent care of your chlorine pool and if you’re ready to switch to saltwater, we can also take care of your saltwater pool system installation.


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