Most pool liners are designed to last for about 10 to 15 years. This means that at some point, your pool liner will need to be repaired or replaced. If your liner is fading, cracking, slipping, stretching, wrinkling, or you are losing water faster, it may be time to consider pool liner replacement. At Royal Pool and Spa, we recommend that the replacement be done in the fall, when possible. Here are a few reasons why we recommend this to our customers:


Your Liner Replacement Won't Interrupt the Swimming Season

One of the top reasons why we recommend having pool liner replacement done in the fall is because it won't interrupt your swimming season. If you wait and need your liner repaired in late spring or early summer, it interrupts the swim season. You already have a short window in which you can use your pool. Planning ahead and making repairs in the off season helps to ensure you have access to and can use your pool when the weather permits.


Greater Availability for Repair Openings

Another benefit to having pool liner replacement done in the fall is that there is a greater availability for repair openings. If you were to call us in the middle of summer and ask for pool liner replacement, we may be unable to fit you in for several days or even weeks. This is because we, and other pool companies, are the busiest during summer months. People discover their pool pumps and filtration systems are not working, they need help getting their chemicals balanced, or they discover a leak in their pool. We strongly recommend that you have all maintenance and known issues that can wait repaired in the off season so that you can fit the repair into your schedule instead of revolving your schedule around the repair.


Fewer Weather Related Delays

Another benefit to having your pool liner replacement completed in the fall is that there are fewer weather related delays. If you were to wait and ask to have your liner repaired or replaced in the winter, you may encounter numerous weather related delays. This can include delays due to freezing temperatures, snow, and rain. Early fall is dry and warm, making it the perfect time to have a new liner installed without delays.


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