If you’re seriously considering a custom pool build for your Twin Cities home, you likely have several questions about the process. Aside from pricing inquiries, one of the questions at the top of most people’s lists is how long a pool build actually takes.

Although a specific answer to that question depends on several variables unique to the project, the short answer is: A custom pool build likely requires less time than you think.

So how long does it take for pool installation when you work with Royal Pool & Spa? We’re diving into the details below.

Basic Factors That Influence a Pool Installation Timeline

Several factors determine the length of time required to install a custom pool in the Twin Cities, including:

  • Scheduling. The timeline for any pool installation starts with getting on the pool builder’s schedule. And that schedule could be booked out far in advance, depending on the time of year you decide to request a spot.
  • Pool Design Process. The amount of time required to finalize a custom pool design really depends on the scope of the project and the owner’s preferences. More basic designs can take very little time, while more extravagant designs can take much longer.
  • Permit Acquisition. Every custom pool installation requires various permits, which the city will only issue after approving the build plans.
  • Construction. This includes laying the site, excavation, wall installation, plumbing, component installation, and finishing both the pool and its surroundings.
  • Filling and Testing. The time required to fill a pool depends on its size and where the water is coming from. All of the pool’s equipment must be thoroughly tested to ensure proper functionality, too.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Pool?

The actual excavation and construction of the pool, pool deck, and surrounding areas may take anywhere from four to 12 weeks. Timeframes for completion can vary considerably based on the type of pool (vinyl liner, fiberglass, or concrete/gunite), the number of inspections required, and the scope of the project.

What Causes Pool Installation Delays?

Certain weather conditions can delay the pool construction process, sometimes for several days. Wet soil can cause major problems with several aspects of a pool build, so if it rains, the ground must dry thoroughly before construction can proceed. If the soil is rich in clay, it’ll dry significantly slower than sandier soil.

Wind can also interfere with certain aspects of the pool installation process. High winds can easily blow debris into freshly applied pool plaster or concrete decking, ruining its finish. Hot, windy weather can also cause plaster and concrete to dry too quickly, which may result in unsightly cracks. If it gets gusty out while crews are installing plaster or concrete, they’ll likely postpone construction.

Finally, there’s the domino effect to consider. Pool builders in the Twin Cities typically have multiple projects underway simultaneously because there’s a short weather window for construction. If weather conditions force delays on one or more jobs, that can throw a wrench in the pool installation timeline for everyone.  

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