Maintenance Schedules

Maintaining a commercial swimming pool or spa is an entirely different process from managing a residential pool. For instance, when more people use the pool, there is an increase of health and safety-related issues. Also, the standards for commercial pools are entirely different, including chlorine level limits and code requirements. Regularly-used pools and spas often require daily and weekly maintenance to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for guests.

Royal Pool & Spa has our CPO (Certified Pool Operator) Certification, meaning, our professionals are trained to thoroughly clean and inspect every detail of your swimming pool to ensure a safe and fun environment during the swimming season. Royal Pool & Spa inspect and clean the pool on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or annual basis, depending on your personal preferences and needs.

Maintenance Services

  • Clean pool. A routine pool cleaning involves skimming the pool’s surface, vacuuming the pool, and brushing its walls and floor.
  • Check water level. We will verify the water is at the proper level so the skimmers can work properly.
  • Check pump and filter. If the water is flowing abnormally, the cause could be a malfunctioning or broken pump, or buildup on the pool filter. The system pressure will determine water flow and if immediate cleaning or repairs need to take place.
  • Check pH and chlorine. It’s important that all chemicals are at safe levels, especially if the pool is being used by the public or residents on a daily basis.
  • Check total alkalinity. It’s important to constantly check if your alkalinity levels are where they should be.
  • Check fence and gates. Don’t get in trouble with a broken fence or gate by your pool. When we perform our daily maintenance, we will also be sure to check the perimeter of your pool for any fence breaks.
  • Check pool cleaner. Your pool cleaner will run more often than the average pool because of the number of people using the pool. We will empty your cleaner bag if it’s full, and check all parts to verify it’s running smoothly.
  • Check baskets. If your pool is clean, your skimmer baskets are likely clean too, but it’s still important to clean them out each day to ensure a clean and safe pool water.
  • Add specialty chemicals. Depending on the material your pool is made of, special chemicals can be added weekly to help improve filtration, control algae, and prevent staining.
  • Clean pool deck areas. Pools, especially outdoor pools, will regularly collect leaves, dirt, and other debris around your pool area, which can get into your pool or become a hazard for pool users.

Royal Pool and Spa has been successfully performing routine maintenance commercial pools for over 30 years. We will follow all necessary steps and precautions to ensure all maintenance follows required health and safety codes. Our service vans are also completely equipped with all the necessary materials and equipment needed to successfully complete your maintenance project.

Chemical Delivery

Maintaining a commercial swimming pool can be a time-consuming task. Royal Pool & Spa offers specialized chemical deliveries for our commercial swimming pool customers in the Greater Twin Cities area. All chemicals with Royal Pool & Spa are ordered weekly, meaning they are guaranteed to be fresh on arrival. No matter what type of chemical system is installed or chemical feeder is used, we will provide all the necessary swimming pool chemicals to keep your pool in top-notch condition.

Chemicals available for delivery include:

  • Liquid chlorine
  • Chlorine tablets
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Salt
  • Stabilizer
  • HTH
  • Calcium chlorine
  • Algaecides
  • Metal removers
  • Tile soap
  • Water clarifiers
  • Bromine

Handling pool chemicals can be dangerous if you are not wearing the proper safety attire. Not only will we deliver any necessary chemicals to your home, but we will also add specific chemicals to the pool system per request. For more information about our swimming pool chemicals, check out what specific brands we have in stock.

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At Royal Pool & Spa, we adhere to the highest quality standards with both our swimming pool services and products. Whether you need chemicals for your saltwater conversion system or bulk chemicals for your commercial pool, we have everything you need.

Contact us at 651-779-7606 to speak with one of our swimming pool experts and to receive a free quote for our chemical delivery services. Also ask about our other swimming pool maintenance and repair services when you call!>/p>

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